LSU Shield App

The LSU Shield mobile application will improve your safety and security. This app was implemented in 2014. 

  • Free
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Available to everyone: students, staff, faculty and visitors
  • Summon emergency services by phone with a single button
  • Submit non-emergency reports, including photo or video
  • Two-way chat with LSU Police
  • Submit anonymously
  • Instantly notify emergency contacts of your safety and location
  • Safety beacon feature allows your emergency contacts to monitor your safety (while using this feature)


Users complete and save a profile which stores on the device. Profile information is not communicated to LSU Police until the user initiates a request for service. The profile will allow for unlimited emergency contacts to be selected from the device address book.

Safety Check

The Safety Beacon feature allows users to enter an activity description and select a duration, which will then begin a countdown on the timer. Users may check as many emergency contacts as they would like to have access to their location until the user deactivates the timer. Upon activation of the timer, the selected emergency contacts will receive a text message indicating that the user has started a Safety Beacon, which includes a link to the user’s device location. The location will remain active until the Safety Beacon feature is deactivated by the user by manually entering their PIN.  


Users may submit non-emergency reports to LSU Police: such as suspicious person, theft, drug abuse, concerning behavior, vandalism, hazing and other concerns. Upon submission, LSU Police receives the user's profile and location data to assist in a response. Once submitted, a two-way chat with LSU Police is accessible. All reports may also be submitted anonymously, with or without a photo or a video. Always dial 911 or utilize the "Emergency" button in the Shield app in the event of an emergency.

What to Do

Helpful information is located here to assist users with response procedures for various incident types. It is a quick reference to inform you of what steps to take should an emergency situation arise.

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The LSU Shield mobile application will improve your safety and security.

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