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For more information, email or call us
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Fall Semester Hours

Use the form on this page to request service. Daily food pick up times are available Monday through Friday.

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LSU Food Pantry

The LSU Food Pantry is now offering food service through our online request form. To prioritize the safety of students and staff, any student interested in receiving food should fill out the LSU Food Pantry Online Request Form (see the link below) with preferences for food items and pick up times each weekday.

The form is open to accept requests on Monday at 8 a.m. until Friday at 3 p.m with daily pick up times on weekdays. For questions, please contact the LSU Food Pantry at or 225-578-8000.

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Accepting requests from 8 a.m. Monday to 3 p.m. Friday

About the Pantry

The mission of the LSU Food Pantry is to provide supplemental food to students in need who may experience hunger or food insecurity.

Food insecurity is a prevalent issue on college campuses nationwide that goes largely unaddressed. Some students may experience situational hunger or insecurity while others may demonstrate chronic hunger or insecurity and a need for continued support. Regardless of circumstances, no student should have to choose between food and other basic needs. The Food Pantry exists to help ease that choice and provide support.