About Us

The LSU Police Department (LSU PD) traces its lineage back to 1938 when Charles R. Anderson was hired as a night watchman. On June 17, 1942, Mr. Anderson was appointed the Chief Watchman and continued to serve as Chief until retirement in July 1973. In 1968, the Louisiana legislature granted Police Officer status to University Security Officers. The official name of the Department was changed to Louisiana State University Police.

The LSU Police Department is organized as a traditional police department and Officers are commissioned with statewide arrest authority, per Louisiana Revised Statute (LRS) 17:1805. All Officers receive training that exceeds State standards. They also provide full range law enforcement services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The LSU Police Department offers a variety of resources for crime deterrence and response. These resources include Community Outreach Officers, Uniform Patrol and Mountain Bike Patrol, Motor Officers, K-9 Officers, Investigators, and other support services. LSU Police Officers work closely with other local law enforcement agencies, as well as with the Baton Rouge Fire Department and East Baton Rouge Emergency Medical Services (EMS), who provide fire and emergency medical services to LSU.

The LSU Police Department is dedicated to preserving a peaceful and safe environment for the entire university community. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors are urged to be aware of and alert to the possibility of criminal activity on campus, and to report all crimes or suspicious activity to the LSU Police Department. If you “See Something, Say Something.”