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The security of our state determines the safety of our nation. As a key provider of energy, chemical products, food, and fiber, Louisiana is home to much of the United States’ most critical infrastructure and industries that all depend on cybersecurity. How we protect our data and defend ourselves against manipulation, exploitation, and attack is now a key concern for every business and organization, large and small. LSU will build upon its nationally recognized applied cybersecurity program to produce cyber warriors and leaders to protect our economy, people, and borders. Likewise, LSU will continue its proud tradition of service to our nation by reinvesting in military sciences and ROTC to further ensure the freedoms and safety of every U.S. citizen. 


Our economy and personal safety depends on expert leadership in cybersecurity as well as military science. Security impacts every area of our lives, from our health and well-being to upholding our democracy, and ensuring that manufacturers can produce and deliver goods without interruptions. In addition to mitigating and preventing related threats, there is a growing (and evolving) need to cultivate expertise in this field – which LSU will address through workforce development and training.


In service to our state and nation, LSU will reimagine the defense of our future. We will: 

  • Build the top applied cybersecurity operation in American higher education
  • Ensure alignment between scholarship and practice by partnering with industry, Louisiana National Guard, Louisiana State Police, and other state and federal agencies
  • Leverage our proud history of military service to elevate our ROTC program as one of top 10 in the nation


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Technology For Tomorrow

The LSUS Cyber Collaboratory is a state-of-the-art immersive learning space where students, faculty, and industry partners can come together to discuss, research, and create their visions utilizing the latest technology.  From industrial metal, carbon fiber, and large-scale 3D printing, to robotics, virtual reality, and even esports, there are a wide range of technologies available for almost any project.

State-of-the Art Training Lab

The Joint Cyber Training Lab at LSU, under the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute, and its Cyber Range was developed alongside the Louisiana National Guard to conduct incident response exercises with the aim of defending national security.

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LSU FIREStarter Cyber Range 

The LSU FIREStarter Cyber Range combines courses taught by LSU cyber experts and the Louisiana State Police’s Cyber Crime Unit with threat data delivered through the statewide Louisiana Optical Network Infrastructure (LONI) to train students as highly skilled cyber defenders. 

LSU Selected to Apply for National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations

This year, LSU was selected—as the only university in the U.S.— to apply for the National Security Agency’s Centers for Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations (NSA CAE-CO) designation. 

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LSU has aligned core areas of strength and potential strength with Louisiana’s most important challenges and opportunities.