President Tate's Scholarship First Agenda



LSU is uniquely positioned to partner with industry to find new ways to fuel our nation. By building a research platform for energy resilience, aimed at reducing carbon emissions and reusing and recycling carbon, we will translate existing resources and expertise into new opportunities and jobs to power Louisiana and protect the vitality of Louisiana’s energy industry. Our researchers are working toward cleaner, safer, and more sustainable energy production and use, including more efficient oil and gas recovery that is better for the environment. We can serve as a national model for energy-related collaboration at the intersection of science and engineering through carbon capture, reuse, and storage. LSU will play a pivotal role in meeting our nation’s future energy needs. 


Louisiana’s considerable natural resources are facing serious challenges that put the state’s and nation's energy resilience at risk. Energy is central to Louisiana’s economy, and Louisiana is central to the nation’s energy supply. Through innovation and discovery, LSU will help Louisiana fuel our future.


LSU is uniquely positioned to pioneer the path forward to protect and preserve our state’s energy economy. We will:

  • Build a collaborative research platform for resilience within Louisiana’s energy industry
  • Create a national energy hub focused on safe and sustained energy sources
  • Partner with industry to cultivate and prepare talent for the evolution of energy-related jobs in Louisiana for the next 50 years and beyond


Energy Innovation in Action

The demand for electric vehicles, cell phones, etc., continues to grow, as does the demand for lithium used in lithium-ion batteries. However, the mining process and its safety issues concern researchers like LSU Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Ying Wang, who is working to design a non-metal rechargeable battery that could one day replace lithium ones.

Nuclear energy provides more than 20% of the electricity in the United States but is considered to be a controversial source of power due to past leakages. Could those have been avoided by having a sensor that immediately detected a leak? That is what LSU researchers are working on thanks to a grant from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the first NRC research grant LSU has received.

LSU and Louisiana's largest ports announced a partnership Thursday to develop cybersecurity talent and technology for critical infrastructure. The agreement outlines opportunities for students and faculty to work with the ports to solve ongoing and emerging cyber challenges.

Explore All Five Priorities

LSU has aligned core areas of strength and potential strength with Louisiana’s most important challenges and opportunities.