Welcome to the LSU Graduate School

Louisiana State University (LSU) is a flagship public, land, sea- and space-grant doctoral university and an academically elite educational institution playing a national leadership role in graduate education and research. The synergy between our internationally renowned faculty and our graduate student population helps to keep Louisiana, the nation, and global partners on the leading edge of discovery.

The Graduate School represents and supports all of LSU’s graduate programs in partnership with departments, colleges, and other academic units involved in graduate education; this includes programs in the 10 disciplinary colleges as well as partners at the LSU system academic units, such as the Agriculture Center, and the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, where graduate students and programs are needed to support their work.


Student Spotlight

Courtney Crawford

Maretta McDonaldCourtney Crawford is a fourth year doctoral student in the physics and astronomy department. She is the President of the Physics Department Graduate Student Organization. Her research will be the first of it's kind, she is doing a comprehensive study on the spectra of RCB stars.


Student Spotlight

Keilah Davis 

Janet MansarayKeilah Davis is a doctoral student in the physics and astronomy department. She is a nuclear astro physicist, she studies stars and explosive stellar processes by probing the nuclear reactions that occur inside them. Her research will be used to improve x-ray burst models and close the gap between simulations and observations.