President Tate's Scholarship first Agenda



Humanity faces a moment of both unprecedented adversity and opportunity: to keep people healthy and economies thriving, we must solve health-based challenges quickly and at scale. Within our home state of Louisiana, the linkage between health disparities and the broad prevalence of chronic health diseases poses a clear threat to the well-being of all Louisianans. 


In Louisiana, declining health conditions touch all ages, levels of socioeconomic status, and communities – perpetuating a cycle of poor health and financial burden that impacts multiple generations of families. In Louisiana alone, we spend more (per capita) on healthcare than 41 other states, and yet we rank in the bottom 10% when it comes to overall health. Our people suffer disproportionately from cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease—resulting in unbearable costs and the loss of life and livelihoods.  


With eight institutions spanning Louisiana and all levels of higher education and research, LSU is well poised to help meet the challenge of improving the state's health outcomes head-on. Through discovery and innovation, talent development, and partnerships with local communities and industry stakeholders, LSU will: 

  • Bring together top talent and resources, ranging from clinical research to artificial intelligence, to improve health outcomes
  • Pursue National Cancer Institute designation for the state of Louisiana 
  • Ensure that sustained, premier cancer care and research are accessible for every Louisianan close to home


Biomedical Research in Action

LSU Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Manas Gartia is the first LSU Engineering faculty to receive the NIH MIRA R35 award The $1.875 million grant will help him to develop spatial lipidomic techniques and investigate lipid-driven cell death in drug-resistant cancer.

An LSU Chemical Engineering assistant professor seeking to make magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) safer and more effective has received a major boost to his work in the form of a nearly $2 million National Institutes of Health grant.

LSU Shreveport alumni Phillip Kilgore and Keyvan Shahrdar have developed a chatbot tool that uses artificial intelligence to help medical professionals reduce time spent on medical coding while improving accuracy.

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LSU has aligned core areas of strength and potential strength with Louisiana’s most important challenges and opportunities.