Mike's Caretakers

On October 21, 1936, Mike I arrived on the LSU campus. For 80 years, LSU has had the privilege of having a live tiger mascot on its campus, and Mike VII, LSU’s current live mascot, is the only live tiger living on a college campus in the United States. He is a symbol of the pride, strength and majesty that is LSU. Caring for Mike is a huge responsibility, and 60 students and three veterinarians have provided care for our live mascot since 1936.

From 1936 to 1976, care for the tiger was provided by the Athletic Department. In 1976, the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine began providing the tiger’s care. You can learn about all of the Mikes in Mike the Tiger: The Roar of LSU, the book written by Mike’s current veterinarian, Dr. David Baker.

Mike I Caretakers

L.C. Aycock (1936-1937)

Preston Vallas (1937-1938)

Elliot "Edy" Contine (1938-1939)

Charles Fourrier (1939-1942)

Osce R. Jones (1942-1943)

Charles Upp (1943-1944)

George Thompson (1944-1945)

E. Loy Upp (1945-1946)

H. Staton Barlow (1946-1947)

Brittain Briggs (1947-1949)

David Melilli (1949-1951)

Jere D. Melilli (1951-1953)

Bob Dodwell (1953-1955)

Gene Smith (1955-1957)

Mike II Caretakers

Gene Smith (1955-1957)

Sidney S. Miller (1957-1958)

Bill Levenson (1958-1959)

Mike III Caretakers

Bill Levenson (1958-1959)

Douglas Davidson (1959-1961)

Alvin Meyer, Jr. (1961-1963)

Paul Marks, Jr. (1963-1965)

Joel Samuels (1965-1967)

Robert Lank, Jr. (1968-1972)*

Philip B. Aman (1972)

Randy Kilgore (1972-1976)

Sonny Corley (1976-1978)

*LSU School of Veterinary Medicine officially takes over care of LSU's live tiger mascot

Mike IV Caretakers

Sonny Corley (1976-1978)

Donald J. Harris, Jr. (1978-1980)

Byron J. Garrity, Jr. (1980-1982)

John R. Allender (1983-1984)

John D. DeVun (1985-1986)

Jeff Larisey (1987-1988)

Jeffrey Perret (1989-1990)

Mike V Caretakers

Jeffrey Perret (1989-1990)

Rollie Norris (1990-1992)

Shelly Phillips (1990-1992)

Jeffrey Artall (1992-1994)

Mark Gentry (1992-1994)

Lance Hidalgo (1994-1996)

Randolph Hayes (1994-1996)

L. Shane Parker (1996-1998)

David B. Webre (1996-1998)

Leeth Harper, Jr. (1998-2000)

Stephen Eastman (1998-2000)

Matthew Wheelock (2000-2002)

Kirk Mauer (2000-2002)

Kevin Bankston (2002-2004)

Blake Tunnard (2002-2004

Timothy "Toby" Wallis (2004-2006)

Nelson Lewis (2004-2006)

Wendy Day (2006-2008)

Wesley Lee (2006-2008)

Mike VI Caretakers

Wendy Day (2006-2008)

Wesley Lee (2006-2008)

Adam Caro (2008-2010)

Kelly Folse (2008-2010)

Nicholas Cross (2010-2012)

Randee Monceaux (2010-2012)

Daniel Cutler (2012-2014)

Macy Trosclair (2012-2014)

Lindsey Clemones (2014-2016)

Trevor Davis (2014-2016)

Caitlin Bell (2016-2018)

Christian Folk (2016-2018)