Student Employment Partner

Student Employment Partners perform HR functions for student employees (Graduate Assistants, Teaching Assistants, and Student Workers) for their assigned supervisory organization(s). Student Employment Partners are responsible for initiating position creation, job requisitions, job changes, hires, proposing compensation, background checks, organizational assignments, adding additional jobs, and termination for student employees.

Student Employment Partner 101

Student Employment Partner (Video)

The Student Employment Partner video covers the foundation of the role of Student Employment Partner including organizations, positions and hiring. It explains the importance of supervisory organizations, the security access request process, the difference between student workers and graduate assistants, what to know when creating a job requisition, how to hire a student, and a quick look at the student’s onboarding process in Workday.

SEP Compensation (Video)

The SEP Compensation video covers the responsibilities the Student Employment Partner has in terms of compensation actions and changes to student workers and graduate assistants. You will learn about the different compensation plans available for student workers and graduate assistants, how to make changes to compensation and the position once your student is hired, change in source of funds, work study and president’s student aid positions, and when to terminate, continue or end an additional job for a student.

Costing Allocation Online Training Course (Video)

The Costing Allocation Online Training Course is designed primarily for HR Analysts, Student Employment Partners, and Cost Center Managers. It covers costing allocation levels, who performs costing allocations, costing allocation comments, assigning costing allocations for positions vs. workers, updating and reviewing costing allocations, work study and president student aid costing allocations, and maintaining costing allocations.

Creating Requisitions and Managing Positions

The following resources provide instructions for creating and editing job requisitions and managing your open positions for student employees.

Change Job and Compensation Changes

The following resources provide instructions for continuing student employee jobs, moving student employees from one job to another, and modifying existing positions (editing job details, compensation, and costing allocation).

Adding Additional Job and One Time Payment

The following resources provide instructions for managing additional jobs for student employees who work multiple jobs and how to process one time payments (lump sum).

HCM Core

The following resources provide instructions for using general content and dashboards in Workday.

Hiring and Onboarding

The following resources provide instructions for hiring and onboarding new student employees. Hiring and onboarding involves hiring a new student employee who is not currently working another position. To avoid creating duplicate employee record and to avoid causing payroll errors, please ensure that you are hiring off the employee's existing prehire profile, if one exists, instead of creating a new pre-hire profile.

Work Study and President's Student Aid

The following resources provide instructions for hiring or continuing students with Work Study, Community Service Work Study or President's Student Aid funding.

Termination, Change in Source of Funds, Change in Organizations

The following resources provide instructions for terminating a student employee, changing the source of funds or account numbers used to fund a position (Costing Allocation), and updating the organizational assignments (Cost Center and Campus). Terminating student employees should only be performed when student will no longer be working at the university (i.e. graduation).