Department of French Studies Faculty Statement on Sexual Misconduct

In light of recent events, we, the faculty of the LSU Department of French Studies, acknowledge the deep and grievous damage inflicted by sexual misconduct on its victims. The trauma of being a victim of sexual harassment, predation, and assault can cause profound and irreparable harm, permanently altering the lives, health, and careers of those affected. As teachers and scholars, we have a special obligation to root out sexual misconduct, harassment, and assault from our own community, ensure a safe and respectful environment for study and work, and provide support for those who are affected by these crimes. From this point forward we pledge to provide transparency and accountability, to promote justice for all victims, to shield from retaliation all who report such incidents, and to take concrete action in making sure that members of our community do not ever encounter such trauma.

The LSU Department of French Studies is dedicated to providing a safe environment in which all members of our community can work and learn without fear or threat of sexual aggression. Let us be clear:

  • We do not tolerate sexual misconduct, harassment, assault, aggression, or violence in any form at LSU or within the Department of French Studies.
  • We will always put the safety of our students and employees first.
  • We will insistently remind Department of French Studies faculty and staff that LSU employees who witness or are told about an incident of sexual misconduct are obligated to report it to LSU’s Title IX coordinator at 225-578-9000 or to file a report (at
  • We will actively support and protect any member of the community who comes forward with information or allegations about misconduct.
  • We will take all allegations of sexual misconduct seriously and respond with appropriate action.
  • We will act in accordance with LSU President William F. Tate IV’s commitment that “predators and their enablers will be held accountable—end of story.”
  • We will strive to prevent harm and create a community that is aware of and sensitive to the issues of sexual harassment and assault, where all students and employees can thrive.

For any member of our community who has personally experienced, witnessed, or been told of an incident of sexual harassment or assault, please contact LSU’s Title IX coordinator at 225-578-9000 or file a report. For access to a comprehensive array of resources, please see LSU’s Office of Civil Rights & Title IX.

For our visitors:

For our faculty, staff and graduate students: