Events Calendar

From April 18-20, 2024 the DFS and the CFFS will co-host the conference French and Francophone Philosophy Today with keynotes Souleymane Bachir Diagne (Columbia), Penelope Deutscher (Northwestern), François Raffoul (LSU, emeritus). The conference will include a panel featuring Claire Colebrook (Penn State),  Jeff Bell (Southeastern Louisiana University), and Dan Smith (Purdue)  discussing the work of John Protevi (French/Philosophy, LSU).

This conference will gather a diverse set of international researchers, scholars and students to consider the past, present and future directions of French philosophy. Recognizing the precious and precarious francophone connections of the state of Louisiana, and its investments in humanistic traditions tied to French thought and cultures, the conference will seek to affirm the important contributions of our LSU colleagues and our continued commitment to forging new connections between institutions, individuals and scholarly research networks.