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We are here to assist you during every step of planning your career.

All LSU students are welcome -- traditional, nontraditional, online, veteran and/or alumni. It is never too early or late to take a proactive approach to your career.

Here is a list of our service areas to help you get started in the career planning process:


Career Decision-Making

  • What major is right for me?
  • What are career options based on my major?
  • How do I investigate my career options?
  • What career options might be a good fit for me?
  • How do I decide about graduate school?


Experiential Education

  • How does experience help and why do I need it before I graduate?
  • What qualifies as "experience?"
  • How do I find experience?


Job Search


Geaux Get Hired

Participating in or attending one of our career events will help you prepare for your professional future. All recruiting events are FREE for current LSU students and alumni to attend! You can find a detailed list of all our events in our Employers section.