Jobs in Public Service

Can you hear the Call to Serve?

Want to change to the world? Bet you didn't know that helping other people through public service is what the federal government is all about . . . Over the next few years, as the Baby Boomers retire, close to one million federal positions in all fields will be available. The federal government wants to get more young Americans involved. How? Hundreds of agencies, commissions, labs, projects, boards and offices either are or will soon be hiring for just about any job you can imagine.

The Best Places to Work rankings are the most comprehensive and authoritative rating and analysis of employee satisfaction and commitment in the federal government. The 2012 rankings are the seventh edition of this ongoing series, following the 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011 versions.

Think government jobs are just for full-time employees?

Everyone knows work experience is important, but did you know that you can gain work experience through a part-time or internship position in federal public service?

Check out Partnership for Public Services' "D.C. Housing Guide" for interns and new full-time employees

Think public service jobs are a snore? Think again.

Jobs in federal public service span every field, and a lot of them are pretty cool. So whether you want to:

  • save the whales;
  • help children or the elderly;
  • preserve natural resources;
  • discover cures and work on life-changing research;
  • showcase American art and treasures;
  • communicate with millions of citizens on behalf of Uncle Sam;
  • be a diplomat;
  • build the next mind-blowing mode of transportation;
  • help keep the nation secure;
  • work for peace;
  • or go to the moon

You can do it all in federal public service.

What do feds do anyway?


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