Students of Color (i.e., Minority Populations) 

The LSU community prides itself on its diversity; unfortunately, for many of our students of color, applying for jobs comes with many unknowns: the work environment of the potential employer, equitability in hiring, and much more. The LSU Olinde Career Center hopes to provide insight into how students can leverage their diverse background to champion opportunities that will jump start their careers.

Understanding Your Identity and Personal Brand

As a person of color, you have a unique set of perspectives that can enhance the organization with which you are applying. We hope that you will highlight these benefits to an employer, helping them to understand your true value. For example, when writing your cover letter, explain why your diverse experience can be an asset to the job for which you apply. During an interview, you could also provide a relevant example of how you may have been active within a student organization to educate fellow students on inclusion approaches and programming focused on promoting your identity. Consider promoting other skills related to your identity that employers value including fluency in another language, understanding of another culture or worldview, and your personal network.

Embracing your uniqueness is not always comfortable but we can help you navigate how it can make you shine!

Do Your Research

Gaining an understanding on a company’s inclusivity doesn’t have to happen the day of an interview. The following resources may help you to glean some understanding prior to:

  • Research Diversity Inc.’s Top 50
  • Look for the company’s diversity policy or philosophy on their website
  • Search LinkedIn for organizations or groups that actively participate in equity and diversity work
  • Ask others about their perception of the organization (i.e., peers, current staff, previous employees, etc.)

Dealing with Discrimination

If you have the extreme misfortune of experiencing discrimination in the workplace, please know your options. Listed below are a few resources that you may find valuable, or request to speak with one of our trusted career center consultants.

Additional Resources