International Students 

Being competitive in the US and Global job markets requires a vast array of skills and experiences. While the technical skills, and applicable knowledge learned through academia are important, employers value and search for holistic candidates who have honed their communication skills, critical thinking ability, have a developed sense of self, and can demonstrate an ability to effectively work with a team. We encourage students at LSU to exhibit their excellence in the classroom as well as develop skills through various employment opportunities, and extracurricular activities.

On-Campus Employment

An on campus, or part time job are excellent opportunities for students looking to get involved in the job market to develop professional and interpersonal skills. Many of these positions can be found by visiting Handshake. Under the “Jobs”  tab, you can search and filter based on your needs.

  • A Signed Letter from the department/supervisor
  • To complete paperwork with the Office of International Students in 101 Hatcher Hall

Internships, Externships, and Co-Ops

Internships, Externships, and Co-ops are an opportunity for students to make an intentional connection between their area of study, and intended job field. Immersion into one of these positions supplies a unique opportunity for employees to build their practical skills, while receiving training in their field.

International Students considering pursuing an internship, externship, or co-op will need to complete the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) which provides the opportunity for F-1 international students to work off campus in positions that are deemed integral to the education of the student.

Professional Job Search

International Students looking for a professional job in the US, either before or after graduation should complete the Optional Practical Training (OPT) paperwork. This training provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services authorizes qualifying F-1 international students to work anywhere in the US in fields relating directly to their major. Consider using some of the following links to research some organizations that have frequently hired international students in the past.

  • A  smart engine that  will match your skills and background to U.S. employers.
  • Immihelp: a premier resource of comprehensive information about U.S. legal immigration
  • - educational resource about living and working in the United States
  • Department of Labor: Office of Foreign Labor Certification - information on hiring processes for foreign job applicants
  • GoinGlobal: provides country-specific information on work authorization in all countries including the U.S. and Canada.

Additional Resources that might be helpful: