Parent & Family Programs Monthly Updates

Below are LSU Olinde Career Center excerpts from the monthly Parent & Family Programs Newsletter.

January 2021

The new year and semester offer fresh opportunities to move toward a successful and fulfilling career!

Taking these simple steps can help your student move forward:

  • Log into their LSU Handshake account. Once logged in, your student can:
    • Check out upcoming career events
    • Upload their resume for review
    • Update their profile
    • Search employers and job postings
    • Make an appointment to meet with a career professional to coach them on their next step(s). Types of appointments include:
      • Exploring majors
      • Career decision-making
      • Career assessment review
      • Resume review
      • Job search coaching
      • Interview preparation
      • Graduate school decision 

Check out the Olinde Career Center website for resources related to:

 Stop by the LSU Olinde Career Center in 158 Student Union or call: 225-578-2162.

  • Office hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

We wish you and your family a healthy and happy 2021!

December 2020

With the semester break drawing near, now is the time to reconnect, refresh and revitalize (or reboot)

Reconnect: December may look different this year in how you and your student spend the holiday season. Reconnecting with each other might include conversations about their Fall semester: their experiences, their classes and their plans for the Spring semester. Your student may need an extra dose of support and encouragement; this has likely been a challenging time for them.

Refresh: Your student likely needs time to rest and restore mentally and physically. We all need a break from the daily concerns. Encourage each other to find healthy, fun ways to restore your mental, physical and emotional energy.

Revitalize (or Reboot): As you and your student reconnect and refresh, this can help your student revitalize their college and career plan. Semester break offers a fresh start and is a great time to prepare for the Spring semester.

  • If your student is still unsure of their major or career path, our 5 Steps to Discovering Your Major and Career is a simple self-guided way to get started. Additional great career decision-making resources can be found in our Explore Your Passions portal.
  • Your student might be looking for employment during the Spring semester or an internship in the Summer. Handshake offers connection with job postings and virtual career events.
  • Our Job Search resources can help build your student’s readiness for the search.
  • The Student Career Guide is a comprehensive, rich resource for the career journey, wherever your student may be.

November 2020

November is National Career Development Month! It's a great time to find ways to help your student gain information and experiences that empower them in the development of their career. Here are some ways you can encourage your student to reach out to our team for career development this month:

  • Understanding career decisions: We offer a number of major and career decision making resources through our Explore Your Passions portal. Career assessments are a great place to start.
  • Experience: College courses, student organizations, part-time work and summer internships will help your student gain knowledge about themselves and about their career field of interest. Your student can search for opportunities through their LSU Handshake account.
  • Communication: Our Job Search resources coach toward strong communication through resumes, cover letters and interviews.
  • Career Competencies: Your student's time in college offers a variety of opportunities to develop the career skills employers are looking for. Encourage them to identify how they can continue to grow in these 8 competencies identified as desirable by employers.

Career development is a life-long process. Our team are here to support your student’s career journey!

October 2020

Here are some guidelines for your student to Check It Out and Check It Off for career success:

  1. Major and Career Decisions - Course scheduling will begin at the end of October your student will want to ensure that they are pursuing their best major as they move forward in their studies.
  2. Gain Experience - October is a good time to explore and apply for internships. Many summer internships are scooped up in October and November. Several career networking and recruiting events are happening in October to connect your student to employers who are hiring.
  3. Develop a Strategy - Students planning to graduate in December or May will want to be taking steps forward on the job search path. We offer resources, workshops, and appointments to help with job search strategy, résumé development and interview preparation.
  4. Prepare for Graduate or Professional School - Your student may benefit from attending the Virtual Graduate and Professional School Fair on October 20 to learn about programs and schools and the admissions processes f they are considering this as their next step. We also offer web resources and our Virtual Getting Into Grad School series on October 13, 28 and November 19. Your student can log in to Handshake to view these event links.

September 2020

Our team is excited to engage your student through brief drop-in appointments (using health and safety protocols) and through extended virtual appointments this semester.

We've got many exciting career-related activities and services to offer this Fall. Here are just a few:

  • Virtual Career Expo – This 2-day event is a great opportunity for students to explore careers, practice networking with employers, and secure internships and job opportunities for the upcoming year. We are also hosting a handful of events to help your student prepare. If your student needs to upgrade their professional wardrobe, check out the virtual JCPenney SuitUp for exclusive online discounts for LSU students on professional attire.
  • 10-Minute Drop-in Appointments for general questions and resume reviews – Mon-Fri, 1:00 – 3:30 p.m. in 158 LSU Student Union.
  • Individual Career Appointments – Students can schedule an individual appointment with a career professional on choosing a major, taking career assessments, finding an internship or part-time job, perfecting their resume or interview skills, or simply polishing their job search skills.
  • The Four-Year Career Plan is always accessible to students. Those who accomplish the recommended items each year confirm that they are heading in the right direction, immerse themselves in exploring career options and transition seamlessly from college to career success. Check it out!
  • Undecided freshmen are encouraged to register for attend an Explore Lab session. Your student can find the schedule on the Events tab in Handshake.
  • Handshake: Students seeking internships,  part-time, or full-time jobs should login to our online career platform, Handshake. 

Encourage your student to check out the resources and services on the LSU Olinde Career Center website or by visiting 158 LSU Student Union.

Office hours: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Contact us at 225-578-2162 or

August 2020

A Crash Course in Student Career Development for Parents and Families:

Are you wondering if your student is on the right career track?  Wondering if you should intervene or what kind of advice to give your student?  Here are some excellent resources to help. Click the “Family Resources” tab above.
We also have some tips to help your student prepare for and begin a successful year at LSU: 

  • Ask your student how they are feeling about starting or returning to school. Check in with them about their college major. Are they considering how they will use their learning in a related career?
  • Did they check out our website to see our wide range of resources from Major and Career Decision-Making (including 5 Steps to Discovering Your Major and Career and Career Assessments) to Preparing for the Search to our Virtual Career Support?
  • Has your student set up their Handshake account - to ensure that they keep up with all the career events and to make an appointment to meet with our career staff?
  • Is your students career ready? Students at all academic levels are can prepare themselves for the workforce by enhancing their Career Readiness Competencies. See these videos to learn more!

The encouragement you give your student will help them take their next steps in their career journey!

Our team is offering virtual appointments at this time on Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You may also reach us by email at

May 2020

We are here and helping students! Now is a great time to be preparing for the summer and career success.

Students who are questioning their major and career direction can take helpful steps. Or your student may be ready to explore summer opportunities or prepare for full-time employment. All of our career support services are still available in an online capacity. Please direct your student to our Virtual Career Resources page.

Career Coaching and Assessments
Helping students to find their best fit in careers as well as academic majors can be done through our major and career decision resources, career assessments and virtual appointments with our Career Decision-Making team.

Summer Jobs and Internships
Students can also explore summer jobs and internships that can turn this summer into a great career experience. Jobs and internships can be found in Handshake and staff are also able to help students find opportunities to expand their skills related to career goals. If a summer job internship is not in the cards for your student, encourage them to consider these alternatives to internships.

Graduating Students
Is your student graduating in May?

For more information about the LSU Olinde Career Center and our resources and services, please explore our website.

April 2020

Although it may feel like much of the world has "hit pause," it is important that you encourage your student to remain committed to their internship or full-time job search in this time. Our office has continued to see sustained recruiting activity and job postings from employers, as well as activity focused on virtual recruiting events.

All of our career support services are still available to your student in an online capacity, including virtual appointments via Zoom video conference or phone call to discuss job searching, graduate school planning, major and career decision-making, and more.

Below are resources to support your student wherever they are in their journey to career:

  • Job Seekers:

If your student is job or internship searching, please direct them to our Virtual Career Resources page which includes important tips for staying vigilant in their search and preparing for virtual interviews.

Employers are hiring now for opportunities beginning in summer and fall; there are 12,260 jobs posted in Handshake right now. Suggest that your student get their resumes up-to-date in preparation for May graduation and/or the summer job and internship search. 

Encourage your student to increase their Handshake engagement, including being proactive in seeking out companies and direct messaging or emailing some of the over 517,045 employers who have contacts listed in Handshake to inquire about opportunities.

  • Major and Career Decision Making: Course scheduling often brings questions about major and career decisions. Encourage your student to schedule a major and career decision-making appointment with our team, and to review these major and career decision resources

March 2020

With course scheduling for Fall just around the corner, it’s a great time to ask your student:

  • Are they doing well in their major and enjoying what they are learning?
  • Does this major still seem like a good fit?
  • Are they exploring career options for their major?
  • Have they considered a summer experience to learn more about their intended career?

Encourage your student to take a next step:

February 2020

Now is a great time to be thinking about that summer job, internship or full-time position after graduation. There are a variety of career events just around the corner to help your student explore careers, prepare for the job search and connect with potential employers!

Dress the Part, with a Discount!

Students can attend JCPenney SuitUp for discounts on professional attire on Feb. 9. Free transportation is provided to and from campus for SuitUp this year, thanks to a generous donation from BASF!

Upcoming Events:

Students can explore a variety of upcoming career events and research companies they want to network with prior to the events in their Handshake account under the Events tab. All of the events listed below are open to students of all majors to explore careers and make connections with employers:

  • Pre-Med Personal Statement Workshop, Feb 11th 5pm-7pm, Lockett 9
  • Anatomy of a Successful Applicant (Pre-Med), Feb 18th 5pm-7pm, Lockett 9
  • Diversity @ Work, creating a space to address career-related topics specific to students from diverse backgrounds, on Wed.,Mar. 4, 11 a.m.—7 p.m., LSU Student Union