Host On-campus Info Sessions, Table Sits, Interviews, and Career Programming

In addition to on-campus recruiting events, some employers may benefit from hosting other on-campus engagement opportunities to reach their target audience. 

Promotion of On-Campus Activity

Promotion of on-campus activity is in the hands of the employer. Below are a few recommendations to increase student attendance:

  • Request your event in Handshake under the Events tab. Once approved, students can view the event and even register in advance if you would like to allow that option.
  • Request additional promotion of your event through other campus entities. You may reach out to student organizations, academic departments, or our office Liaisons to send materials to colleges and departments of your choice. We recommend strategic and personal outreach as opposed to mass emails to gain participation. Each department and academic college on campus follows its own policies for allowable postings and flyers in their buildings, therefore, the promotion will be at their discretion.
  • Employers may also tag the LSU Olinde Career Center (@LSUCareerCenter) on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter postings about on-campus activity. Sharing of employer social media posts is at the discretion of the LSU Olinde Career Center. 

Info Sessions

Employers may request to reserve a room on campus to host an info session about their organization and opportunities. Promotion of the info session is in the hands of the employer and reservations depend on space availability. 

The LSU Olinde Career Center offers the Career Center Classroom and the Humphrey T. Olinde Executive Conference Room on a first-come, first-served reservation process for employer and student groups. View these spaces and request a reservation today.

For room availability across campus, contact an academic department relevant to your hiring interests to inquire about spaces available in their buildings. 

Table Sits

Employers may request to reserve a table on campus to host a table sit. Table sits are typically in high-traffic student spaces in front of the LSU Student Union. Space availability is at the discretion of the LSU Student Union. Most table sits rely on students passing by as their audience, and any additional promotion of the table sit is in the hands of the employer. Request a table sit here. 

On-campus Interviews

Interview students in our state-of-the-art Recruitment Center, offering 22 technology equipped interview rooms available in a variety of schedule formats to meet your specific hiring needs. Learn more about our On-campus Interviewing program.

Career Programming 

The LSU Olinde Career Center welcomes your ideas for career development programming for students hosted by employers. If you have an idea for a career-related topic that would benefit our students, please contact Blake Winchell, Associate Director of Student Services at