Job Offers

Report Your Job Offers

Hiring data allows us to maintain a proper database for regional and national analysis. Once you have progressed to the stage of extending job offers to LSU students, please consider providing data to the LSU Olinde Career Center using the Job Reporting Form linked below.  Salary information is available as a resource to you.

Submit your LSU job offers through the Job Reporting Form


Enrollment and Salary Data

This section offers links to databases at LSU Budget & Planning, LSU Corporate & Foundation Relations, NACE, and more. It also provides links to research we conduct annually among graduating seniors.


Hiring International Students and Students with Disabilities

All LSU students make great future hires for your organization. Consider these important steps when hiring international students or students with disabilities. 


Policies and Guidelines

In order to ensure a smooth recruiting and hiring process, we encourage you to review our policies and guidelines for recruiting at LSU.