Tenure Stream Faculty

Photo Name Position Contact Research Areas
Hannah Bacon Hannah Bacon

Assistant Professor

Director of Graduate Studies

117 Coates Hall
Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law & Incarceration, and Continental Philosophy. 
Jon Cogburn Jon Cogburn


Department Chair
106 Coates
Metaphysics (analytic and continental),  Philosophy of Art, Philosophy of Mind
Deborah Goldgaber Deborah Goldgaber

Associate Professor
Section Head
208A Coates Hall
Contemporary French phil., 19th-20th cen. Continental, Feminist Phil., Phenomenology
Anthony Kelley Anthony Kelley

Assistant Professor

210 Coates Hall
Theoretical and Practical Ethics
Usha Nathan Usha Nathan Assistant Professor
110 Coates Hall
Ancient Philosophy
Jeff Roland Jeffrey Roland

Associate Professor

Chair of the Philosophy Undergraduate Studies Committee
108 Coates
Philosophy of mathematics, epistemology, philosophy of science, logic


Post Doctoral Researcher

Photo Name Position Contact Research Areas
Michael Ardoline Mike Ardoline Instructor


Continental Philosophy, Analytic Metaphysics, and the Philosophy of Physics, Logic and Mathematics



Photo Name Position Contact Research Areas
Chris Blakley Chris Blakley Distinguished Instructor

210B Coates


Chris Wells Chris Wells Instructor

118 Coates


Ethics and politics in contemporary Continental philosophy, especially Emmanuel Levinas
Part Time Instructors
Photo Name Contact Research Areas
/hss/philosophy/images/emily.jpg Emily Cogburn

309 Coates

/hss/philosophy/images/daniel.jpg Daniel Felty 

309 Coates



Affiliate Faculty

Photo Name Position Contact Research Areas
Ken Levy Ken Levy Associate Professor (Affiliate)

420 Law Center


Criminal theory, ethics, free will and responsibility, paradoxes
  Alexander Orwin Assistant Professor (Affiliate)

202 Stubbs Hall


Political theory (ancient, medieval, modern); Islamic political thought; Comparative political theory (especially Islamic and Western)
John Protevi John Protevi Professor (Affiliate)

408 Hodges


20th century French philosophy (Foucault and Deleuze), enaction in cognitive and life science

Emeritus Faculty

Photo Name Position Contact Research Areas
Ed Henderson Ed Henderson Professor Emeritus & Department Chair Emeritus  
Gregory Schufreider Gregory Schufreider Professor Emeritus  
Husain Sarkar Husain Sarkar Professor Emeritus

Descartes, Kant, ethics, and philosophy of science

Mary Sirridge Mary Sirridge Professor Emerita 


Francois Raffoul Francois Raffoul Professor Emeritus

Contemporary continental philosophy, contemporary french 


Philosophy M.A. Students

Name Office Contact
Daniel Kim 308 Coates
Mfon-Abasi Obong 309 Coates
Taiwo Akande 314 Coates
Kebron Wormley 312 Coates
Frank Ellman 316 Coates
Jess Burroughs 315 Coates
Brian Sopan 316 Coates



Name Position Contact
Victoria Pfeifer Coordinator of Operations

101 Coates Hall

225 - 578-8199

Carrie Powell Coordinator of Office Operations

102 Coates Hall