News Archive: 2020

  • Dr. Jon Cogburn (with Christopher and Abigail Ray Alexander) finished work on his translation of Tristan Garcia's Nous, which has since been published as We Ourselves: The Politics of Us, Letting Be II (Edinburgh University Press, 2021).
  • Dr. Deborah Goldgaber's Speculative Grammatology: Deconstruction and the New Materialism was published by Edinburgh University Press.
  • Dr. François Raffoul's Thinking the Event was published by Indiana University Press. In addition to four forthcoming articles, he has also been commissioned to translate into English Françoise Dastur’s book, Figures du néant et de la négation entre orient et occident (Encre Marine, Paris, 2018), under contract with SUNY Press. He is working on a new book project, tentatively titled “The Phenomenology of the Inapparent.”

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