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What Are Fellowships?

Fellowships are short term, professional development opportunities. Unlike internships, fellowship programs generally offer a stipend. Occasionally, additional benefits like healthcare, housing, or student loan repayment are offered. Fellowships are competitive programs that can be awarded, administered, and funded by universities and colleges, corporations, nonprofits, foundations, media groups, and governmental entities.

What are the Benefits of Fellowships?

Fellowships are excellent ways to gain professional experience quickly. Fellows are typically given an intensive training generally reserved for higher-level professionals. They are also an excellent way to foster networking opportunities in the fellow's field of study. The work fellows do is challenging, interesting and highly applicable to their academic and professional pursuits.

Does the Graduate School offer fellowships?

The Graduate School currently offers a dissertation fellowship. Students can contact our office to inquire about the availability of additional fellowships. 

Dissertation Fellowship

All nominations must be submitted by the department using our online system.

Nominating department’s internal deadline for nominations will be earlier. It is to the applicant’s advantage to submit materials for this fellowship as early as possible. Departments must evaluate and select the top nominations for submission to the Graduate School.

  • Stipend: $18,000
  • The award is valid for the contract period or until the student graduates, whichever is shorter.
  • Students must maintain full-time enrollment in dissertation hours to receive the award.
  • Enrollment in classes other than dissertation hours is not allowed.
  • Students are exempt from tuition and non-resident fees (if applicable).
  • Students are responsible for paying all other applicable fees.
  • Teaching and other employment is prohibited while holding this fellowship.
  • Students cannot hold other graduate fellowships, assistantships, or awards while on this fellowship.

  • The deadline for nominations from the department is generally in early Spring.
  • Interested students should contact their departments in the Fall to find out more information about the submission process.
  • Departments can access the most updated deadlines our InfoReady Award Portal.  

  • Minimum GPA of 3.50.
  • Must have already passed a milestone exam in your department at the time of application.
    • Examples include General Exam, Comprehensive Exam or specialty exam.
  • Must have finished all required coursework and be writing the dissertation.
  • Must enroll in 9 dissertation credit hours during fall and spring.
  • Must work full time towards the completion of the dissertation.

Students who wish to apply for the Dissertation Fellowship should submit the following to the nominating department:

  • A statement written by the student briefly outlining the significance of their study, their role in the development of the topic, and their timeline for completion of the dissertation within one year if funded.
    • Indicate whether the dissertation proposal has been submitted, and if the writing has begun, include a current word count. Limit to two pages, 10 pt. font.
  • A list of honors, awards, publications, and presentations during their graduate student career. Publications and presentations should name all co-authors in order of contribution level. Limit to one page, 10 pt. font.

  • Student’s statement
  • List of publications, presentations, honors, and awards
  • Three letters of recommendation.
    • One-page letters of support from the major professor and two other dissertation committee members outlining the candidate’s qualities, and the contribution the dissertation makes to the area of study.
    • The major professor should also assess the likelihood of completion of the dissertation within the fellowship year.