Physics & Astronomy Colloquium


Spring 2019

Note: All colloquia will be held on Thursday at 3:30 p.m. in Rm. 109 Nicholson, unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title of Talk Speaker Speaker's Institution Host
Jan. 10 Terrestrial Gamma Flashes Observed by GBM Michael Briggs University of Alabama Huntsville Michael Cherry 
Jan. 17 A New Era of Precision in Doppler Exoplanet Science Paul Robertson  U C Irvine Manos Chatzopoulos 

Jan. 23

(Hearne Eminent Lecture)

The Second Kind of Impossible: The Extraordinary Quest for a New Form of Matter

Paul Steinhardt Princeton University Jorge Pullin
Jan. 24 The Bouncing Universe Paul Steinhardt Princeton University Jorge Pullin
Jan. 31 Galactic Dosimetry  Stephen Guetersloh Practical Physics Solutions, LLC Wayne Newhauser

Feb. 7

TBD Eugene Mele University of Pennsylvania Rongying Jin

Feb. 11


Nuclear Activation Analysis — A Versatile Nuclear Assay  Zaijing Sun South Carolina State University Wayne Newhauser
Feb. 14 TBD Hannah Jang-Condell University of Wyoming Tabetha Boyajian

Feb. 21

Feb. 28 TBD   Jeffery Chancellor    Texas A&M University  Wayne Newhauser

March 7


March 14

TBD Brajesh Gupt Xanadu, Toronto Jorge Pullin

March 21

TBD     Geoffrey Clayton

March 28

TBD     Geoffrey Clayton

April 4

TBD     Geoffrey Clayton
April 11  TBD     Geoffrey Clayton

April 18

Spring Break
April 25 TBD Patrick Coles Los Alamos National Laboratory Mark Wilde
May 2   Eugenio Bianchi Penn State University   Ivan Agullo