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Fall Semester

Professor François Raffoul was one of the International Invited Speakers to speak at an International Conference held at Aarhus University (Denmark) on the question of morality. The description of the conference reads: "In the course of the last decade or so, there has been a virtual explosion of anthropological literature which deals with morality and argues that morality should be considered a central dimension of human practice. The question of what fundamentally drives human beings to ethical reflection, to strive for moral perfection or the cultivation of particular virtues, however, most often remains unexplored in this literature. This question will be taken up for explicit discussion, creating a space for dialogue between representatives from anthropology, philosophy and the history of ideas." Conference website:

Professor François Raffoul gave the Albert J. Fitzgibbons keynote lecture, entitled "The Question of Ethics," at the 2014 Boston College Philosophy Annual Contemporary Philosophy Workshop. The conference was devoted to "Continental Philosophy of Ethics." It attempted to explore the question of ethics from the perspective of Continental Philosophy. The keynote address is available at:

Associate Professor Jon Cogburn and LSU graduate student Mark Ohm's translation of Tristan Garcia's Form and Object was published by Edinburgh University Press this year. In the tradition of Jean Paul Sartre, Garcia is both novelist (winner of the Prix de Flore) and systematic philosopher. Form and Object is the canonical presentation of his metaphysics.

Associate Professor Jeff Roland was an invited speaker (one of three) for the symposium session “The A Priori in Mathematics” at the Pacific APA in Vancouver this April.

Assistant Professor Charles Pence’s article, co-written with Grant Ramsey, “A New Foundation for the Propensity Interpretation of Fitness,” was the most read article in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science for this July. The article can be found here:


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