Stephen C. Finley

Dr. Stephen Finley

Inaugural Chair

PhD, Rice University

Inaugural Chair, Department of African & African American Studies

Phone: 225-578-7023
Office: 236 Coates Hall

Research Interests: African American Religious Traditions, African American Religious Thought , African American Religion and Esotericism, Religion and Psychoanalysis, Religion and Embodiment, Theory and Method in the Study of Religion, Religion in America 


Rogers Orock

Rogers Orock

Ph.D. Department of Anthropology, Aarhus University, Denmark.

Asst. Professor, African and African American Studies

Office: 135 Howe-Russell Hall, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70803
Office No. 225-578-5246

Core Faculty

AAAS Values

  1. Equity. AAAS practices and advocates fair distribution of resources. opportunities. labor, and reward and advocates for the for the distribution of such in accordance with degree of past harm and present needs.
  2. Excellence: AAAS strives for the highest distinction and outstanding achievement in scholarship, instruction, professional service, administration, and leadership
  3. Justice: AAAS works for the transformation of structures, practices, policies, and ideas that inhibit and curtail human flourishing by engaging in self- conscious and ethical treatment of individuals and communities.
  4. Respect. AAAS shows regard for the humanity of others and honors human difference and sameness.
  5. Scholarship: AAAS seeks the creation and dissemination of knowledge, productivity, innovation and socially transformative ideas, at the highest level of intellectual attainment.


Lori L. Martin

Lori L. Martin

PhD, University at Albany, State University of New York

Associate Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences

LSU Faculty Athletics Representative Louisiana State University

Phone: 225-578-1856
Office: 132B Hodges Hall, Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Research Interests: Race and Ethnicity, Wealth Inequality, Asset Poverty, Sociology of Sport


Jas Sullivan

Jas Sullivan

Ph.D. Assistant Professor - Political Science
239 Stubbs Hall

Bachelor's Degree: B.S., Truman State University, Master's Degree: M.A., Southern Illinois University (Sociology); M.A., Indiana University (African-American Studies); M.A., Indiana University (Political Science) PhD: Indiana University.