Affiliate Faculty

John Bardes, Assistant Professor, History

Sarah Becker, Associate Professor, Sociology and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies; Director, Center for Community Engagement, Learning, and Leadership (CCELL)

Eldon Birthwright, Instructor,  African and African American Studies

Michael Bibler, Associate Professor, English

Peter Cava, Full-Time Instructor, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Cassandra Chaney, Professor, School of Social Work

Brittany Cook, Assistant Professor, Geography and Anthropology

Bastien Craipain, Assistant Professor, Francophone Studies and Comparative Literature

Melissa Crawford, Program Manager, LA-STEM & LS-LAMP Program

Jonathan H. Earle, Associate Professor, Dean, LSU Honors College

Serap Erincin, Assistant Professor, Performance Studies

Sarah Franzen, Assistant Professor, Geography & Anthropology

Tina Harris, Douglas L. Manship Sr.-Dori Maynard Race, Media, and Cultural Literacy Endowed Chair

Narcissa Haskins, Librarian, African and African American Studies

Joyce Jackson, Professor, Geography & Anthropology

Catherine Jacquet, Assistant Professor, History and Women's and Gender Studies

Benjamin Kahan, Associate Professor, English and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Touria Khannous, Assistant Professor, English

Herman Kelly, Adjunct, African and African American Studies

Ashley Mack, Assistant Professor, Rhetoric & Culture, Affiliate Faculty in Women's & Gender Studies

Ruth Moon, Assistant Professor, Media & Public Affairs

Bryan McCann, Associate Professor, Rhetoric & Cultural Studies

Roland Mitchell, Professor, Education: Educational Theory, Policy, and Practice & Dean, College of Human Sciences and Education

Casey Patterson, Assistant Professor, English

LaKeitha Poole, Assistant Athletic Director, Sports Psychology/Counseling & Adjunct, College of Human Sciences and Education

Helen A. Regis, Associate Professor, Geography and Anthropology

Raquel M. Robvais, Instructor, Communication Studies

Mark Schafer, Associate Professor, Sociology

Jonathan Snow, Professor, Geology

Sonja D. Wiley, Associate Professor and Diversity Advisor, Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship & Information Systems Diversity and Inclusion; Faculty Advisor, Office of Business Student Success

Asha S. Winfield, Assistant Professor, Manship School of Mass Communication

Allison Young, Assistant Professor, Contemporary Art History