Graduate Minor

Minor Requirements:

12 semester hours of coursework including 6 hours at the 7000-level and 6 hours in AAAS-approved courses at the 4000-level or above. No more than 2 of these courses may be taken in the same department or with the same professor and no more than 1 course can be taken in the student’s home department.

Steps to completing your AAAS graduate minor:

  1. Review our lists of core faculty and affiliate faculty to identify a faculty member who could serve as your minor advisor. Set a meeting with them to request that they serve as your “AAAS Minor Chair”. Once you find a person who will serve in that capacity, they will need to be added to your graduate committee.
  2. Email the department at and ask to set up an appointment with AAAS Chair, Dr. Stephen Finley. Also, ask to be added to our list of Graduate Minors so that you are sure to get our emails and communications for graduate students.
  3. Take your required courses. Fill out the minor form (available via email from we use to track our graduate minors. For approval of classes from AAAS, secure a signature and/or an email from the Department Chair (Dr. Stephen Finley), approving the classes to count for graduate minor credit.
  4. Fill out a degree audit that includes your minor, when you are completing your degree and according to the Graduate School’s deadlines.
  5. Optional: Consider serving on committee in AAAS or working with the Society for African and African American Studies (SAAAS) to make the most of your connections to faculty and other students in the department.