photo: sophie moore

Sophie Moore

Assistant Professor


PhD, University of California, Davis, 2018
MA, San Francisco State University, 2008
BA, Reed College, 2002

Research & Teaching Interests

Sophie Moore is an interdisciplinary political ecologist whose research examines intersecting processes of socio-ecological and political change in the Afro-Americas. Moore's current research combines ethnographic and historical approaches to agrarian change and environmental justice in post-plantation geographies. She writes and teaches about formations of race, power, knowledge, and capital in the Caribbean and the Gulf Coast.

Specialty areas: Environmental Justice, Political Ecology, Human Geography, Environmental Humanities, the Caribbean and Gulf Coast. 

Selected Publications

Moore, S. and Victoria Koski-Karell. 2023. "Geographies of Empire: Infrastructure and Agricultural Intensification in Haiti." In special issue on "Contours of Environmental Justice in the Caribbean," The Geographical Journal.  

Moore, S. 2023. "Cacos and Cotton: Unmaking Imperial Geographies on Haiti’s Central Plateau." Chapter in edited volume Global Plantations in the Modern World: Sovereignties, Ecologies, and Afterlives. (Palgrave Macmillan).  

Moore, S. "Plantationocene." Architectural Review 1485, October 2021: 7-12.  

Moore, S. and Aida Arosoaie. "A Syllabus for Plantation Worlds." Edge Effects. Published online 27 May 2021.  

Moore, S. 2020. "Between the state and the yard: Gender and political space in Haiti." Gender, Place & Culture. Published online 27 November 2020.  

Moore, S., Allewaert, M., Gómez, P., and Mitman, G. Plantation Legacies Edge Effects. Published online 21 January 2019. 

Wesner, A., Moore, S., Martin, J., Kirk, G., Dev, L., and Behrsin, I. 2019. “Left Coast Political Ecology: A Manifesto.” Journal of Political Ecology 26 (1): 529–44. (Authors are equal contributors, listed in reverse alphabetical order).  

Moore, S. 2017. “Organize or Die: Farm School Pedagogy and the Political Ecology of the Agroecological Transition in Rural Haiti” The Journal of Environmental Education, 48(4): 248–259. Special issue on the political ecology of education.   

Courses Taught

GEOG 1001: Human Geography - Americas & Europe
AAAS 3024: African Diaspora Intellectual Thought


E112 Howe-Russell-Kniffen Geoscience Complex
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803