Research Facilitation Office

The Research Facilitation Office provides and facilitates the college’s research efforts to make the proposal submission process as seamless possible for researchers by: 

  • Providing support and information on LSU’s proposal submission processes and research funding opportunities;
  • Coordinating with sponsoring agencies, faculty, and various stakeholders on research administration issues;
  • Serving as primary contact for inquiries relating to university research policies and sponsor guidelines;
  • Providing direction and assistance to faculty and staff in the development of proposals;
  • Providing college review and approval of proposals;
  • Monitoring negotiations, execution and account establishment for new research agreements and contracts;
  • Organizing and/or promote the college’s research initiatives (e.g., administrative and researcher focused workshops and information dissemination);
  • Reviewing research related documents and requests to determine proper action;
  • Provide support for the development of large collaborative proposals; and
  • Compiling research-related statistics by utilizing University reporting tools and the college’s research proposal database.

For more information, please contact:

Bonnie Pendergraft, MPA, CRA
Assistant Dean of Research | Research Facilitation Office
Louisiana State University | College of Engineering
2214H Patrick F. Taylor Hall | Baton Rouge LA 70803
P: 225-578-3339 | F: 225-578-5990 |