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The Office of Graduate Business Programs (OGBP) is a centralized hub that aims to enhance the graduate student experience. Through this office, graduate students can receive training in resumé building, interviewing, and interpersonal skills. OGBP provides opportunities for domestic and international study trips, networking events, and experiential learning projects.



The OGBP staff is here to guide all graduate students on a path to success. Schedule an appointment with us today!


Ways to earn an MBA


Specialized Masters Programs


PhD Programs


Graduate Certificates


OGBP can help you select a graduate program and format that best aligns with your intended academic experience and career goals. Whether you are interested in a master’s, certificate, or PhD program, becoming a full-time student, or pursuing a graduate program while working, our office will help make the process effortless. 

The LSU MAcc program provides students with a specialized and comprehensive education in accounting, preparing them for careers in various accounting fields with a focus on technical proficiency and professional ethics.


The LSU Master of Science in Analytics program offers students the opportunity to gain expertise in data analysis, data management, and decision-making skills, preparing them for roles in data-driven industries.

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There are six pathways to earn an MBA at LSU. Each of our offerings provides cutting-edge coursework, leadership opportunities, and professional and career development. Find the program that best fits your lifestyle.

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The LSU MS Finance program provides students with a comprehensive education in finance, blending theoretical knowledge with practical skills to prepare them for successful careers in various areas of finance.

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The LSU MS Financial Economics program offers a rigorous and quantitative education, preparing students for careers in finance, economics, and related fields through specialized coursework and hands-on research opportunities.

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The LSU MPA program equips students with the skills and knowledge needed for leadership roles in public and nonprofit sectors through a comprehensive curriculum and practical experience.

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Earn an LSU business degree—learning from the same faculty teaching the on-campus courses—from anywhere in the world. When you graduate, your diploma is the same LSU diploma our on-campus students receive. 

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The LSU PhD in Accounting program offers rigorous training and research opportunities that enable students to contribute to the academic field of accounting through scholarly research and to excel as educators in the discipline.

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The LSU PhD in Economics program provides advanced training and research opportunities for students to become skilled economists capable of conducting impactful research and contributing to the field's theoretical and empirical knowledge.

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The LSU PhD in Finance program offers rigorous training and mentorship to aspiring scholars, equipping them with the skills and expertise needed to conduct cutting-edge research and contribute to the academic and professional advancements in the field of finance.

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The LSU PhD in Management program prepares students with the theoretical knowledge, methodological skills, and research experience necessary to excel as scholars and educators in the field of management.

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The LSU PhD in Marketing program offers rigorous training in research methodologies and theoretical frameworks, empowering students to become proficient researchers and educators capable of contributing to the field's knowledge and advancements.

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The LSU PhD in Business Administration program within SDEIS prepares graduate students for successful careers as researchers and professors, supporting two distinct areas for students to focus their studies Entrepreneurship and Information Systems. 

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The E. J. Ourso College of Business offers five graduate certificate programs for individuals to gain in-demand skills and advance their careers.

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Professional & Career Development


Professional and career development both play a significant role in graduate business education. The Office of Graduate Business Programs is committed to helping students realize their career vision through programming, recruiting, and valuable employer partnerships. We empower our students to develop a career mindset that helps expand professional networks, improve personal branding and employability, and foster personal growth. 

Our team provides the tools to enhance the career development process throughout your graduate program. This includes various career events, workshops, and one-on-one meetings and support. OGBP also has advisors that provide resumé reviews, interview prep, and networking guidance.

The OGBP Professional Development team is eager to help with career exploration, résumés, cover letters, interview prep, and internship or job searches. 


Flores MBA Students: Seth Thibodeaux

All other graduate students: Sarah Manguno

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LinkedIn Ready: OGBP provides students professional headshots

For more information on upcoming professional networking events, take a look at the college calendar or visit the LSU Olinde Career Center.

Academic Advising

A Team of Advisors Dedicated to Your Success

Graduate program academic advising is housed within each respective academic department, however, the Office of Graduate Business Programs is proud to serve as a first point of contact for all graduate students. If you are not sure where to go with your question, one of our staff members will be glad to help you or to point you in the right direction.

Find Your Grad Program Advisor

Master of Accounting (MAcc): Charlene Henderson

Master of Science in Analytics (MSA): Joni Nunnery Shreve

Master of Business Administration (MBA): Lolita Bonds (campus-based programs); Leah Whitmire (online)

Master of Science in Finance (MSF): Clifford Stephens

Master of Science in Financial Economics (MSFE): Clifford Stephens or Daniel Keniston

Master of Public Administration: Nicole Schmitz (campus-based program); Leah Whitmire (online

All Graduate Certificates: Leah Whitmire

Accounting: Kenneth Reichelt

Economics: Daniel Keniston

Business Administration, Finance: Carlos Slawson

Business Administration, Management: Thomas Greckhamer

Business Administration, Marketing: Jianan Wu

Business Administration with Information System Focus: Andrew Schwarz

Business Administration with Entrepreneurship Focus: Tyge Payne

Experiential Learning

Apply Classroom Knowledge to Achieve Real-World Solutions

The Office of Graduate Business Programs links real-world learning opportunities with immersive experiences to emphasize a focus on "learning by doing." By blending academic and experiential learning, graduate students can hone their expertise, develop a professional network, and apply their classroom knowledge in a real-world context. Experiential learning activities include consulting engagements, case competitions, and global immersion experiences. Contact the Office of Graduate Business Programs to learn more about participating in an experiential learning opportunity. 



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Students collaborate with companies and organizations to deliver real-world consultative solutions. In these consulting engagements, students work collaboratively to present a viable solution to the company's specific issue.


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Case competitions are a hallmark of business education, providing students rich learning opportunities. Students collaborate to apply classroom learning in innovative and hands-on ways, including analyzing a specific case, identifying solutions, and presenting recommendations to industry professionals. 


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Our immersive international trips complement traditional classroom learning. Graduate business students learn about the businesses and cultures of various countries and regions. This includes cultural tours, company visits, and lectures from business leaders and industry professionals.


Global Immersion Experiences

Travel the World and Develop a Global Mindset

The Office of Graduate Business Programs offers various global immersion experiences each year. We provide opportunities for our graduate business students to engage with diverse cultures, broaden perspectives, and develop a global mindset in an increasingly interconnected world. These immersive international trips complement traditional classroom learning and activities through cultural tours, company visits, and lectures from business leaders and industry professionals.

Ultimately, students gain an intimate understanding of important economic, political, and social issues in diverse environments. During these trips, students:

  • Develop integrative and critical thinking skills to solve global business challenges from a comparative perspective.
  • Learn new and unfamiliar social norms and business customs through an experiential and conceptual understanding of “doing business” in a global economy.
  • Develop an ethical awareness and global mindset across cultures and markets to enhance communication skills, empathetic understanding, and intercultural leadership abilities.

2023-2024 Travel Opportunities

Flores MBA Program 

Singapore/Vietnam: March 2024

Milan and Copenhagen: June 2024 (EMBA Flex students)

MAcc Program

Central America: March 2024

All Graduate Students

Chile: March 2024

Contact the OGBP to learn more about participating in an experiential learning opportunity.

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Networking & Events

Connect and Elevate with the Office of Graduate Business Programs

At the heart of our mission is to foster a vibrant community of aspiring business leaders by providing enriching opportunities for networking, learning, and personal growth. We believe that exposure to diverse perspectives and insights from industry experts is essential for our students' success. Through a wide array of events and activities, we aim to equip our students with the knowledge and connections they need to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape.

The Office of Graduate Business Programs hosts lunch-and-learn workshops, professional development seminars, alumni panels, and distinguished speaking engagements so students can gain insights and diverse perspectives across various topics and business sectors.

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