Outstanding Faculty Award

CxC Outstanding Faculty Award

The LSU Office of Academic Affairs will annually recognize a faculty member who has contributed to and participated in the CxC program in multiple ways, such as teaching Communication-Intensive courses, advising Distinguished Communicator candidates, participating in faculty development initiatives, securing grants to support CxC Studios, and/or publishing CxC-related scholarship. The winners of this award represent the commitment, dedication, and excellence that define and enable the LSU CxC program to transform teaching, learning, and ultimately, student success.

This $1,500 annual award is generously supported by the Renee and Leslie Hull Fund at the Baton Rouge Area Foundation. The 2020 recipient will be recognized at LSU’s Distinguished Faculty Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 at the Lod Cook Alumni Center from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Past Award Recipients

2020: Cynthia DiCarlo, School of Education, College of Human Sciences & Education

2019: Kristen Kelsch, School of Architecture, College of Art & Design

2018: Harold Toups, Cain Department of Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering

2017: Marybeth Lima, Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering, College of Engineering

2016: Marsha Cuddeback, School of Interior Design, College of Art & Design


  • Any faculty member—tenured, tenure-track, or non-tenure track—who is actively engaged in the CxC program, and who has not previously received this award, is eligible.
  • LSU OAA allows faculty to apply for only one of the following awards per year: Communication across the Curriculum Outstanding Faculty Award, LSU Foundation Distinguished Faculty Award, LSU Alumni Association Rising Faculty Research Award, LSU Alumni Association Faculty Excellence Award, LSU Foundation Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award, Tiger Athletic Foundation President’s Award, Tiger Athletic Foundation Outstanding Instructor Award, H.M. “Hub” Cotton Award for Faculty Excellence, Brij Mohan Distinguished Professor Award, Outstanding Service-Learning Faculty Award, David J. Kriskovich Distinguished Professorship, Tiger Athletic Foundation LSU Discover Undergraduate Research Mentor Award.
  • Individual faculty members, department chairs, or deans may initiate nominations.

Submission Guidelines

  • All nominations should be accompanied by a brief biographical sketch highlighting the nominee’s accomplishments (to be used as a citation read for award recipients at the Distinguished Faculty Awards Ceremony).
  • All nominations must be channeled through the nominee’s department head to the dean's office. Deans will review all nominations for their faculty members and forward the nominations to the Office of Academic Affairs. (Please note that each college may have its own internal deadline for receiving nominations prior to this date.)
  • The standard Faculty Award Nomination Cover Sheet must be used, and all materials must be submitted electronically.
  • The final nomination materials for each nominee should be scanned into a single PDF file and labeled with the name of the award and the nominee’s last name (e.g. “CxC Award_ Smith”).
  • Prior to the submission deadline on Friday, February 7, 2020, the individual designated to submit nominations on behalf of the dean should contact Ryan Landry (rland24@lsu.edu or 8-5561) to be granted access to upload nominations.

Each nomination should include (in this order):

  • Faculty Awards Nomination Cover Sheet
  • A letter of nomination (the nominee may be self- or peer-nominated)
  • A statement from the nominee’s department chair or dean, indicating an endorsement of the nomination
  • A one- to two-page, single-spaced statement from the nominee detailing her or his participation in and contributions to the CxC program, including the impact of CxC on his or her teaching and on student learning. (If self-nominated, this statement serves as the letter of nomination.)
  • A resume focused on CxC-related activities
  • A minimum of one, but no more than three, letters of support from students, faculty, or community collaborators

If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact Ryan Landry at rland24@lsu.edu or 8-5561.