Job Descriptions for Graduate Assistants

Graduate Studies

Job Descriptions for Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistants (GA's) provide support for the teaching and research programs of the Department. The duties of a GA require up to a maximum of 20hours of work per week during the regular semester, and if the appointment extends through the summer, the appropriate corresponding amount which may be slightly higher than the nominal 20 hours per week figure due to the condensed summer schedule and extended intercession break periods. Minimum qualifications for a GA are:

  1. A Bachelor's Degree in Physics, Astronomy, Engineering, or other Physics Science.
  2. Good academic standing in pursuit of an advanced degree in Physics or Astronomy.

Details of the responsibilities will be determined by the Graduate Advisor and the specific faculty member assigned as a supervisor. In addition to making satisfactory progress towards their degree, the duties of GA's will in general include one or more of the following:


Teaching Assistants - Typle I (SA's - Service Assistants)

Type I Teaching Assistants (TA-I) are assigned to students who have not received "Certification of Proficiency in Spoken English for Faculty/Teaching Assistants" by the Graduate (Act 756 of the Louisiana Legislature - LSU Policy Statement 81). Their duties will in general include the following:

  1. grade homework and exams for assigned courses and maintain written records of all grades earned by students in consultation with the course instructor;
  2. proctor for tests, including mid-term and final exams which may be given at various times and locations about the campus;
  3. participate in the consulting of students when necessary outside regular classroom hours;
  4. provide support for lecture setup and demonstrations;
  5. attend all meeting and training sessions scheduled by the supervisor.


Teaching Assistants - Type II (TA's)

Type II Teaching Assistants (TA-II) are required to teach 1 or 2 laboratory courses under the supervision of a faculty laboratory supervisor. Their duties include:

  1. prepare and present brief lecture/review to introduce each laboratory procedure;
  2. supervise students in performance of procedures to ensure safety, completeness and accuracy of results;
  3. grade mid-term final exams;
  4. attend meetings scheduled by the supervisor;
  5. render 1 to 2 hours a week tutoring/consulting students.


Research Assistants - Type I (RA's)

Full-time Research Assistants are normally not assigned TA/SA duties, instead they are to:

  1. concentrate on providing support to a faculty member's research program;
  2. conduct independent research under the supervision of a faculty member.

NOTE:  All international graduate students not specifically exempted will be interviewed to test their English speaking skills. In the event the interview test is not passed, they must enroll in and complete the ENGL 2021 class (during the first semester at LSU) in order to qualify for a Type II assistantship.