OER Benefits

What are the Benefits of OER?

  • OER are affordable for students, making education more accessible.
  • OER allow you to customize and adapt to the course context, providing a richer teaching and learning opportunity.
  • Students can benefit from multiple learning approaches because OER can incorporate various content formats (text, audio, video or multimedia) and interactive elements.
  • Remote and continued access since most OER are digital, do not require an access code and do not expire.
  • Contribute to students’ success and completion by easing their financial burden without having a negative impact on their learning.

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Teaching with Open Pedagogy Versus Traditional Educational Materials 

Open educational resources (OER)are comparable to traditional educational materials in every way. Therefore, there is nothing intrinsically different about assigning an open textbook over a conventional textbook.

OER (Open Educational Resources) textbooks are published under open licenses; these licenses provide more opportunities for faculty to engage with their teaching materials. Below, we have provided some information about practices other instructors have adopted to accompany and complement the openness of their teaching materials.

Access to Quality Education

When we share course materials openly, we are providing students with the opportunity to engage with our content before, during, and after our courses. In addition, because OER is always free to access online.