About the Open Educational Resources Virtual Center

The OER Virtual Center is a space for teaching and learning with Open Educational Resources.

 Working together is an essential skill we want our students to experience. As a professional learning community (PLC), collaboration among faculty and students becomes a necessary part of our daily practice.

Our goal is to develop an OER-enabled pedagogy where faculty and students create and re-use artifacts within our department, other colleges, and institutions of higher education in the US and abroad. Accessibility and Equity at work!

The OER Virtual Center collaborates with the World Language Lab & Resource Center and the LSU libraries.

Meet the team promoting this initiative:

Claudia Sanford

Claudia A. Sanford G. 

 Team Leader, she was honored with the OER fellowship. Her vision materialized with the establishment of the World Languages, Literature & Cultures OER Virtual Center (WLLC OER Virtual Center). She proudly serves as a member of the Creative Commons Open Education Platform and also contributes as a member of the UNESCO working group. She has successfully achieved a Creative Commons Certification and is actively engaged in developing and implementing OER resources supported by an OER-enabled pedagogy. In this innovative approach, students take on active roles as participants, engaging in the creation of new artifacts or the revision/remixing of existing OER materials, thereby fostering personalized learning and growth opportunities.

Mike's Pic

Mike Dettinger

Mike is Director of the World Language Lab & Resource Center, Senior Instructor of German, and serves as Chair of the World Languages Technology Committee. He is an advocate for utilizing educational technologies to support language teaching and learning. In his classes he integrates a wide range of interactive technologies, including, but not limited to blogs, voice recordings, online chat, and telecollaboration. 


Isabel Matus

Isabel Matus

Isabel is a Distinguished Instructor of Spanish who teaches introductory levels of Spanish language courses, in-person and online.  She has earned certificates from the LSU Office of Institutional Effectiveness as well as Quality Matters and works extensively in developing Open Educational Resources (OERs) with particular focus on the interactive web application H5P.

Marty Miller

Marty Miller

Marty (pronouns: she/her/hers) is the Art and Design Librarian at Louisiana State University Libraries. She provides research instruction, research assistance and collection development for the Schools of Art, Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture. She has written on the topics of visual literacy, curriculum mapping for the fine arts department, the ACRL Framework, and instruction tools for fine arts courses. She received the Louisiana Libraries 2018 Article of the Year Award for Using FSA-OWI Photographs to Teach Information and Visual Literacy, co-authored with Andrea Hebert. She also received the Catholic Library World’s John Brubaker Memorial Award for the 2018-19 Article of the Year for The Great War: A Neutral's Indictment: Louis Raemaekers's Use of Religious Imagery in Adoration of the Magi and Our Lady of Antwerp. In 2021-2022, she served as the lead librarian for the Exploring the Arts cohort of the LOUIS Open Textbook Pilot. Her current project involves the creation of an OER tool for practicing and honing visual literacy skills.

Jeannie Williamson

Jeannie Williamson graduated with a B.S. from Louisiana State University in 1981 with additional hours in Business and Accounting. She completed the dual HRM/Business Manager certification program in 2014. She completed the LSU Online Management and Leadership Series MicroCreds program in 2020.