Deborah East Eley Memorial Lecture

Members of the Department, family, and friends gathered in memoriam at the French House Sternberg Salon to honor Deborah East Eley and the significance of her work as a Philosophy MA student. There were approximately twenty-five people in attendance.

Speakers included:

  • Dr. Francois Raffoul, Chair of PHIL/REL, Professor of Philosophy - Introduction
  • Dr. Deborah Goldgaber, Associate Professor of Philosophy, PHIL Section Head, Director of Ethics Institute - Significance of the Memorial Fund for the department
  • Dr. Husain Sarkar, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy - "Deborah East Eley: In Memoriam"
  • Hugh Eley, husband of Deborah East Eley - Deborah's life

The memorial was concluded with a beautiful reception in the Student Lounge. We are grateful to Hugh Eley, the members of the LSU Foundation, and the team at the LSU French House for their help and support for this special event.

Dr. Deborah Goldgaber Speaking
Dr. Husain Sarkar Speaking
Dr. Husain Sarkar Speaking