Jas Sullivan | LSU African & African American Studies

Jas SullivanJas Sullivan

Assistant Professor - Political Science

239 Stubbs Hall



Bachelor's Degree: B.S., Truman State University

Master's Degree: M.A., Southern Illinois University (Sociology); M.A., Indiana University (African-American Studies); M.A., Indiana University (Political Science)

PhD: Indiana University

Areas of Interest

African-American politics, voting behavior, political psychology

Current Research

Dr. Sullivan specializes in African-American politics and voting behavior. Specifically, his research examines the impact of race and racial identity on electoral decision-making


2010 Tiger Athletic Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award (University-wide Award): Louisiana State University.

Visiting Positions

Summer 2007 Visiting Research Scholar in Dr. Mahzarin Banaji’s Implicit Social CognitionLab, Department of Psychology, Harvard University: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Selected Publications


Sullivan, Jas M. and Winbun, Jonathan. (forthcoming 2011). The Dividing Line: Race, Representation, and the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus (Baton Rouge, LA: Louisiana State University Press).

Sullivan, Jas M. and Email, Asharf. African American Racial Identity: A Research Exploration Across Disciplines, ed., (under contract with University of Press of America).

Refereed Journals & Book Chapters

Sullivan, Jas M. and Sanders, Meghan. (forthcoming). “The President, the News, and the Oil Spill: An Examination of National and State Newspapers’ Framing of Obama and his Administration’s Response to the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill.” In Ashraf Esmail and Lisa Eargle, eds., Black Beaches and Bayous: BP Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill Disaster (University Press of America).

Sullivan, Jas M. (forthcoming). “Reparations Debated: The Impact of African American Racial Identity.” Journal of Education and Social Justice.

Sullivan, Jas M.; Esmail, Ashraf; and Sanders, Meghan. (forthcoming). “Charter School vs. Public School: A Test of Implicit Preference.” In Glendolyn

Duhon-Jeanlouis, Alice Duhon-McCallum, and Ashraf Esmail, eds., Charter Schools: Answering the Call; Saving Our Children (University Press of America).

Winburn, Jonathan and Sullivan, Jas M. (forthcoming). "The Significance of Race And Geography on Legislative Behavior: Exploring the Legislative Agenda in Post-Katrina Louisiana.” Journal of Black Studies.

Eargle, Lisa; Esmail, Ashraf; and Sullivan, Jas M. (2010). “Factors Influencing Students Attitudes, Behaviors, and Learning Outcomes in Statistics Course.” In Glendolyn Duhon-Jeanlouis, Alice Duhon-McCullum, and Ashraf Esmail, eds., Making Math Learning Fun for Inner City School Students (University Press of America).