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Learning Tips and Tools


These tips and tools are proven strategies for managing your time, acing your tests, reducing your stress, and they will help you take charge of your learning. Explore strategies by the topics below to meet your unique learning needs and help you become the best learner you can be.

For a guided self-directed resource for increasing your learning please visit our Learning Journey on Moodle. For more in-depth and personal discovery of your learning needs schedule an Academic Coaching appointment.


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Take Charge of Learning

Do you want to use proven strategies for learning and performing well in your courses? Use these tips and tools to actively engage in achieving your academic goals.

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Manage Time

Success requires time management, effective learning strategies, motivation, and consistent engagement with course content. Use our valuable tools and strategies to help manage it all.


A Plus on Exam

Ace Tests

Testing demonstrates your knowledge and mastery of course content. However, there are several factors that can affect your performance. Use the tips and strategies in this section to help you build your confidence and ace your tests.

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Reduce Stress

College can be a time for enjoyment, but it can also create various stressors. Stress doesn’t have to weigh you down. Use these strategies and information to help you manage your stress levels and increase your confidence.