Property Claim Reporting Form

Please use the form below to report all property and equipment claims as soon as reasonably possible to ensure a swift response from Risk Management staff. If the claim is an emergency, please call 225-578-3283 (After Hours Only: 985-687-7443). 

To ensure coverage for your loss, it is the responsibility of the department that sustains the loss to ensure that:

  • Prompt notice of the loss or damage is provided by fully completing the form below.
  • Risk Management has reasonable time and opportunity to examine the property or equipment before repairs are undertaken or physical evidence of the loss is removed. Measures must be implemented to protect the property and premises from further damage.
  • All repaired or replaced property or equipment is preserved for our inspection, unless we otherwise authorize. 
  • Departments must use the LSU master disaster response, mitigation, and restoration services contract (Northstar Restoration Services 1-800-283-2933) for all losses or Risk Management must approve any alternative vendors before incurring expenses. Failure to utilize the master contract or request approval may result in loss of coverage for such services. 

If more assistance is needed please email Shana Salsberry.