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Water Source Heat Pumps, 1981

1981 Inventory of the Utilization of Water Source Heat Pumps in the Conterminous United States

Resources Information Series No. 6

by A. N. Turcan, Jr., J. R. Bond, and G. Cambre . 1984 . 42 pp. plus appendices . 

The use of heat pumps, the disposal or reuse of processed water, problems with supply or return wells, and the development of guidelines.

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Bibliography of La Geology

Bibliography and Index of Louisiana Geology 1961 to 1979

Resources Information Series No. 4

by M. J. Nault and G. N. Rassam . 1981 . 149 pp. . 

Includes 2,269 titles and a serials list. Each entry is indexed by subject, parish, and rock units. Includes a generalized geologic map and a columnar section of Louisiana.


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Bibliography of Theses and Diss on La Geology

Bibliography and Index of Theses and Dissertations on the Geology of Louisiana

Resources Information Series No. 2

by M. J. Nault . 1980 . 36 pp. . 

Lists 334 theses and dissertations on Louisiana geology completed through December 1979. Titles indexed by subject-geologic time, keyword, parish, stratigraphy and salt dome, subsurface oil and gas field or area, and chronology. Also includes a generalized geologic map, and a columnar section of Louisiana. Photocopy.

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EOR and La Reserviors

Enhanced Oil Recovery and Its Potential Application to Louisiana Reservoirs

Resources Information Series No. 5

by L. S. Durham . 1984 . 116 pp. . 

Describes the enhanced recovery process (thermal, chemical, miscible, and exotic) and discusses the use of this technology in the state.


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Louisiana Sulfur

Fire and Brimstone: The History of Melting Louisiana’s Sulphur

Resources Information Series No. 8

by Donald W. Davis and Randall A. Detro . 1992 . 122 pp. .Describes the development of the industry and mines in Louisiana and explains those factors that have had major impacts on the sulphur industry in south Louisiana.


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History of Oil and Gas Development Coastal La

History of Oil and Gas Development in Coastal Louisiana

Resource Information Series No. 7

by D. M. Lindstedt, L. L. Nunn, J. C. Holmes, Jr. and E. E. Willis . 1991 . 131 pp. . 

Traces the history of oil and gas development in Louisiana and summarizes the importance of the state’s coastal zone in its overall production and leasing history.


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La Oil and Gas Map Index

Index Oil and Gas Map of Louisiana, 1981

Resources Information Series No. 3

by C. P. Stanfield . 1981 . 178 pp. . 

Lists the names and addresses of oil, gas, and product transporters and gives the approximate diameter of pipelines in specific parishes. Cross-referenced by parish and offshore area. Includes salt dome and geologic maps and a composite columnar section of Louisiana.

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La Oil and Gas Fields, 1983

Oil and Gas Fields and Salt Domes, Including Offshore Areas

Resources Information Series No. 1

by E. L. McGehee, Jr. . 1983 . 164 pp. . 

Lists field names, their abbreviations, and codes, discovery dates, locations, and types of production. Includes map with list of salt domes, generalized geologic map, and a composite columnar section of Louisiana.

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