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Claiborne Parish Oilfield Brines 1972Analyses of Oil Field Brines from Claiborne Parish, Louisiana

Geological Pamphlets No. 10

by L. W. Hough and C. G. King . 1972 . 11 pp. . 11 pages.



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Avoyelles Parish Flouride 1939Fluoride in the Ground Water of Avoyelles and Rapides Parishes, Louisiana

Geological Pamphlets No. 1

by J.C. Maher, 1939, 23 pp.

Discusses the presence of fluoride and some other constituents in ground water from the Miocene formations and overlying sediment. Out of print (photocopy available) 



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Geological and Hydrological Report of Cross Lake Bridge Location, Shreveport I-220

Geological Pamphlets No.  9

by L.W. Hough, 1970, 4 pp.


Out of print

History of Belle Isle salt mineGeology and History of the Belle Isle Salt Mine

by D.H. Kupfer, 1998, 31 pp. plus appendix.

An in-depth discussion of the mine with a diagram of the mine structure and a detailed map of its workings, minerals, and structural and surface geology.



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Chestnut Salt Dome Geology 1958Geology of the Chestnut Salt Dome Area,Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana

Geological Pamphlets No.  8

by R.F. Dinnean, 1958, 9 pp.

Geological Summary No. 1. Out of print (photocopy available) 



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Geology of the Ville Platte, La 1:100,000 scale quadrangle

Geology of the Ville Platte Quadrangle Louisiana

by R.P. McCulloh, P.V. Heinrich and J.I. Snead, 2003, 11 pp.




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Yazoo Clay OtolithsLate Eocene (Priabonian) Fish Otoliths from the Yazoo Clay at Copenhagen, Louisiana

Geological Pamphlets No. 13

by D. Nolf and G.L. Stringer, .2 003, 23 pp.



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Louisiana LigniteLouisiana Lignite

Geological Pamphlet No. 3

by D. Pope Meagher and L. C. Aycock . 1942 . 56 pp. .Locates and describes all known lignite outcrops; describes 48 localities (general location map included). Special emphasis on Dolet Hills of DeSoto Parish.



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Louisiana Midway-Wilcox correlation problemsLouisiana Midway-Wilcox Correlation Problems

Geological Pamphlet No. 5

by C. O. Durham, Jr. and C. R. Smith . 1958 . 17 pp. .Presents workable nomenclature for surface and subsurface Midway-Wilcox sequence in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast area.



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Jefferson Island, La SinkholeObservations and Significance of Sinkhole Development at Jefferson Island

Geological Pamphlet No. 7

by W. J. Autin . 1984 . 75 pp. . Assesses the geology of Jefferson Island and its relationship to the collapse sinkhole that developed on 20 November, 1980.



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Alexandria, La Groundwater 1940Preliminary Report on Ground-Water Conditions at Alexandria, Louisiana

Geological Pamphlets No.  2

by J.C. Maher, 1940, 54 pp.

Discusses geology and water-bearing properties of the Miocene, Pleistocene, and Holocene series, including artesian conditions.



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American OtolithRevision of the American Otolith-based Fish Species Described by Koken in 1888

Geological Pamphlets No.  12

by Dirk Nolf, 2003, 19 pp.



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Franklin and Richland parishes Geology 1946Subsurface Study of the Delhi Area, Franklin and Richland Parishes, Louisiana

Geological Pamphlets No.  4

by P.A. Bloomer Jr., 1946, 47 pp.

Discusses stratigraphic producing zones, structure, and geological history of Delhi, West Delhi, and Big Creek oil fields. Out of print (photocopy available) 



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Salt Dome CaprockThe Nature and Evolution of Salt Domes and Their Caprock

Geological Pamphlets No.  6

by J.D. Martinez, 1980, 16 pp.

Briefly discusses salt structures, internal deformation patterns, .cap rock, utilization of salt domes, and needed research and planning. 


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