Belizaire the Cajun, a film by Glen Pitre 

A still image from the movie Belizaire the Cajun. Belizaire and Alida look at eachother tenderly.

Professional-in-Residence Glen Pitre's celebrated film now available to stream on The Criterion Channel.

New interview: Glen Pitre Looks Back on a Louisiana Cinema Landmark

In 1859 Louisiana, a wily medicine man must save his friend's life, win a woman's heart, outfox a crooked sheriff,  stop marauding vigilantes, expose an evil villain, rescue the inheritance of three orphaned children,  heal the sick, play music for the dance, and, of course, keep himself off the gallows.

“Pitre offers an endless chain of surprises, chilling tragedy set within tender romance set within ludicrous comedy…  A masterpiece.”San Francisco Chronicle


“With the caginess of Br’er Rabbit, triumphant, and leaves some haunting memories.”
The New York Times


"A wonderful movie! Two thumbs up!"
Roger Ebert