Independent Study

LSU Independent Study & Distance Learning Department will make appropriate reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. Specific accommodations must be determined by LSU Disability Services or by the equivalent office at the institution. Accommodations may be permitted for lesson assignments as well as for exams.

If you are:

  • An LSU Student with a disability and need assistance to obtain or arrange reasonable accommodations, contact LSU Disability Services each time you enroll.
  • Not an LSU student and are testing at the institution where you are currently enrolled and receiving accommodations, your exam administrator may provide your regular, approved accommodation.
  • Not an LSU student and will not test at a home institution, you should contact LSU Disability Services for assistance.

Registering with Disability Services

Students with disabilities who are enrolled or will be enrolling in an Independent Study course and need to register with Disability Services per the IDL policy above must complete and submit the Independent Study Accommodation Packet. This packet requires students to complete a Request for Accommodations Form and submit disability-related documentation according to DS guidelines. Documentation forms for all disability types are included in the packet.

Please note:

  • Accommodations approved may be different than those received in high school or other colleges/universities.
  • It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all required documentation has been received in sufficient time for documentation to be reviewed so that any accommodation(s) can be approved and implemented prior to need.
  • Accommodations are not retroactive.
  • For each subsequent Independent Study course taken, students must contact DS to request that a new accommodation letter be sent to the office of Independent Study. (If you are requesting new accommodations, additional documentation may be required.)

Students currently registered with DS must notify the appropriate coordinator of the Independent Study course and discuss accommodations. A separate accommodation letter will be sent directly to LSU Independent Study & Distance Learning.

Independent Study -- Request for Accommodations

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