Grievances & Appeals

Appealing Accommodations Determined by Disability Services

LSU has an obligation to provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations to ensure that otherwise qualified students with disabilities have access to all university functions. However, if the university can provide an accommodation that is equally as effective as one requested, the university is not required to provide the requested accommodation. 

If you disagree with academic accommodation(s) or other services that have been determined, first speak to a Disability Services staff member. Express your concerns and be prepared to suggest alternative solutions. If you are still not satisfied after consulting with your Disability Services staff member, contact the direct supervisor of the staff member.

After the direct supervisor has been contacted and a satisfactory resolution has not been reached, you may file a formal grievance, as defined by LSU’s policy on persons with disabilities (PS-26).

Grievances with other LSU Departments or Programs

Issues concerning accommodation(s) of students with disabilities in academic and other programs and activities must be resolved between the student requesting the accommodation and the university employee representing the department within which the academic program or service is located.

If a satisfactory resolution is not met, students should then report the grievance to Disability Services. If the student believes that all efforts to resolve the complaint have proven unsuccessful, he or she may file a formal grievance as outlined in LSU’s policy on persons with disabilities (PS-26).

In addition, all students are also able to use LSU’s general appeal procedure available to students (PS-48) when filing an appeal of any university regulation, rule, policy or decision. In all cases, students must first follow university grievance procedures prior to contacting any outside state or federal agency.