Student Recitals


Students at all levels of study in the LSU School of Music regularly present recitals and lectures in fulfillment of their degree requirements. Unless otherwise indicated in the table below, these events exclusively take place in the LSU School of Music Recital Hall on the LSU campus. All student recitals are free and open to public attendance.

This page was last updated on October 16, 2023.

Recital Programs

Visit the link below to view digital PDF programs for student recitals. Programs are listed in order of performance date.

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October & November

Recital Name Date Start Time
Meredith Stemen, DMA Piano Recital 10/20 5:30pm
Tyler Whitehead, DMA Solo Percussion Recital 10/23 7:30pm
Nolan Wible, DMA Chamber Recital 10/24 7:30pm
Coleman Scott, DMA Solo Trumpet 10/25 5:30pm
Scott Purcell, DMA Solo Baritone 10/26 5:30pm
Po-Yu Fang, Master Chamber Recital 10/26 7:30pm 
Shengjie Cheng, DMA Voice Recital 10/27 4:00pm
Conrad Foreman, Senior Composition Recital 10/27 5:30pm
Andrew Bray, Senior Composition Recital 10/27 7:30pm
Daniel Lynge, DMA Saxophone Recital 10/29 4:00pm
Leah Baumert, DMA Solo Flute Recital 10/31 5:30pm
Ethan Barker, Senior Percussion Recital 11/1 4:00pm
Rebeca Lemos Gonzalez, DMA Solo Cello Recital 11/1 5:30pm
Jeremy Gdaniec, DMA Chamber Recital 11/1 7:30pm 
Elijah Swan, DMA Solo Trombone Recital 11/2 4:00pm
Lixi Qin, DMA Solo Piano Recital 11/2 5:30pm
Luis Castro, DMA Chamber Recital 11/2 7:30pm 
Ronald Rodriguez, DMA Piano Concerto Recital 11/6 7:30pm
Thomas Owens, DMA Solo Piano Recital 11/9 4:00pm
Luis Castro, DMA Solo Cello Recital 11/9 5:30pm
Maria Thomas, DMA Chamber Recital 11/9 7:30pm
Ericka Kudry, DMA Piano Concerto Recital  11/10 4:00pm
Christopher Ludwig, DMA Solo Flute Recital 11/10 5:30pm 
Megan George, DMA Solo Trumpet Recital 11/13 4:00pm
Qinan Cai, DMA Soprano Recital 11/13 5:30pm
Tyler Sellers, DMA Solo Trombone Recital 11/15 4:00pm
Tianyu Xue, DMA Solo Trombone Recital 11/15 5:30pm
Taylisse Boissonneault, Masters Piano Recital  11/15 7:30pm
Zi-Yun Luo, DMA Cello Concerto Recital 11/16 4:00pm
Alexias Ferrer, DMA Piano Concerto Recital 11/16 5:30pm
Ty Ellender, DMA Percussion Recital (Tiger Band Hall) 11/16 5:30pm
Brandon Gordon, Masters Clarinet Recital 11/16 7:30pm 
Nasr Sheikh, DMA Chamber Recital 11/20 7:30pm
Sijing Guo, DMA Piano Recital 11/21 4:00pm
Ronald Flores, Masters Double Bass Recital 11/21 5:30pm
Siying He, DMA Lecture Recital 11/21 7:30pm
Paloma Gonzalez, DMA Solo Piano Recital 11/28 4:00pm
Alexias Ferrer, DMA Solo Piano Recital 11/28 5:30pm
Hsuan-Yi Yao, DMA Solo Bassoon Recital 11/28 7:30pm