Hogwash, an experimental narrative film by Zack Godshall

Close up on a young person face with an ethereal cast of rainbow colors.Zack Godshall, LSU Associate Professor, presents a collaborative production 10 years in the making.

The film had is premiere in March of 2023 in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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Hogwash is set in the sleepy bayou town of Oubliette, Louisiana, where a bizarre mystery begins to unfold when a group of dreamers and schemers come together to produce an original opera that could change the world.

A decade in the making and six-and-a-half hours long, Hogwash is unlike other movies. Featuring a cast of more than fifty (mostly) non-professional actors from South Louisiana, Hogwash is the result of a highly collaborative production that was almost entirely improvised. Made for the price of a few poboys and shot primarily in Lafayette, every actor and crew member volunteered their time, resources, and imagination to make Hogwash a wild, rollicking tribute to the community’s creative spirit and sense of humor.