MALA Special Program for Teachers

LSU has long offered the Masters of Arts in the Liberal Arts, an interdisciplinary program with great flexibility. It is now instituting a special program within this degree to provide teachers in both social studies and language arts the opportunity to earn a content-based MA, which could enhance both their professional development and the knowledge they bring to the classroom. Teachers could take courses toward this degree part-time during regular semesters as well as full time in summer school.

The MALA is an ideal program for teachers since it provides them with maximum flexibility in designing an interdisciplinary program that would best meet their needs. They will be able to take courses counting toward their degree in a variety of departments relevant to their disciplines and teaching assignments. For example, social studies teachers could take courses in history, political science, and economics. Language arts teachers could take courses in literature in the English Department or various foreign language programs. In addition, teachers would be able to take courses in other areas, including pedagogy, or even courses that they just find intellectually stimulating.

Teachers in the program may pursue either a:

  • Non-Thesis Track
    36 Hours of Course Work + Exit exam/Oral Defense
  • Thesis Track
    24 Hours of Course Work + 6 Hours of Thesis Credit (LIBA 8000) + Oral Defense

Additional requirements in both tracks are:

  • LIBA 7000 and LIBA 7900
  • At least one-half of the courses must be at the 7000 level
  • No more than one-half of the courses may be taken in any one department.

To help teachers meet these requirements while accommodating their work schedule and tailoring the program for them, the MALA program will:

  • Allow students to take courses in whatever departments or colleges that they find helpful in their professional or intellectual development. These would include courses taught in the College of Education.
  • Allow students to take independent study courses—up to four (if they are in the non-thesis track) or three (if they are in thesis option).
  • Help students connect with faculty members from various departments who will work with students on independent study courses as well as serve as their advisors or on their committees.

To Apply:

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Contact information

Lauren Coats
Director, MALA Program
Associate Professor
Department of English
Baton Rouge, LA  70803