Manship & College Summer Research Fellowships

Each year, the College will award Manship Summer Research Fellowships and Humanities & Social Sciences Summer Research Funding to support research during the Summer Session to faculty members meeting the following criteria:

  • Faculty must not have been on leave during the regular academic year preceding the potential fellowship summer
  • Faculty must be on full-time, tenured or tenure track appointments in the College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Proposals consist of (1) a proposal narrative and (2) a current curriculum vitae.  The narrative must not exceed three double-spaced pages with margins no less than 1”.  Any references cited are not counted toward the three-page limit.  The CV should be no more than three pages and should focus on the research record, including publications, conference, presentations, grants and research relevant awards.  Works in press, under review, and in progress may be included if clearly marked as such.  A PS-36 format CV should not be submitted.

Proposals should also address the following review criteria:  

  • Significance of proposed work;
  • Appropriateness of the scope of the proposed research;
  • Adequacy of the design and methodology;
  • The clarity of the proposal, including its organization and prose;
  • Probability of successful completion of the proposed project during the period of funding;
  • The relationship of the proposed project to other external grant funding, including future proposals and/or previous or existing funding.  

In addition, applications must:

  • Include an indication of whether this is to be considered for the Manship Summer Research Fellowship (humanities projects) or Humanities & Social Sciences Summer Research Funding (non-humanities projects);  
  • Be submitted via email to Ann Whitmer ( by March 1 (or the next business day) for the following summer.

A committee to review and rank-order applications will be appointed by the College, with recipients of the awards from the previous summer being the preferred appointees.  Criteria to be used by the review committee will include those listed above.  Preference for the awards will be given to persons who have not received the Manship or College Summer Research Fellowships previously. A final report (not to exceed three pages) of the accomplishments during the period of funding will be due on October 1st of the year of the fellowship. 

The amount of the awards will be $5,000, with the number to be awarded each year being determined by availability of funds.  Awards are not to be combined with other summer funding in excess of one month’s pay or with any summer teaching.  

It is our intent, should resources be available, that awardees will be eligible for an additional $2,500 if a proposal based on the results of the Manship summer research is submitted to an external granting agency by May 31 of the following year.  Exceptions to this date will be considered on a case-by-case basis and subject to availability of funds.  Although we would not be able to determine the final availability or amount of this additional funding until the fall semester, we encourage awardees to submit grant proposals regardless.  The link to external grant funding is a criterion in evaluation the Manship proposals.

 Faculty must return to LSU duties the academic year following the period of summer funding or be responsible for reimbursing LSU for expenses incurred during the funding period.