Council Financial Information

Every fraternity and sorority manages their own costs, dues, and payments for members. Chapter fees vary between each organization, and meal plans are available for members regardless of housing location. Contact chapters directly with financial questions.

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2023-24 Chapter Finances

IFC Finances

Chapter One-Time Expenses Dues per Semester House Usage Fee Social Dues Required Meal Plan Meal Plan Cost Room and Board
Acacia $370 $285 $650 $1,250 Yes $1,155 $850
Alpha Gamma Rho $250 $1,200 $500 $600 No N/A $1,863
Alpha Tau Omega $250 $3,004 $725 Included in dues Yes $1,125 $3,000
Beta Theta Pi $200 $900 N/A N/A No N/A N/A
Delta Chi $400 $1,300 $600 Included in dues No N/A N/A
Fiji $100 $2,300 $400 N/A Yes $1,200 $1,900
Kappa Alpha $430 $2,600 N/A N/A Yes Included in dues $2,925
Kappa Sigma $150 $2,600 $0 Included in dues Yes $1,600 $3,500
Pi Kappa Alpha $440 $2,700 N/A $200 No N/A $3,500
Sigma Chi $300 $3,000 N/A Included in dues Yes Included in dues N/A
Sigma Nu $330 $1,200 $335 $900 Yes $1,260 $2,500
Sigma Phi Epsilon $300 $650 $650 $650 Yes $925 $1,500
Tau Kappa Epsilon $300 $2,500 N/A N/A Yes Included in dues N/A
Theta Chi $350 $2,000 N/A N/A No N/A $2,540
Theta Xi $381 $2,993 Included in dues Included in dues Yes Included in dues $1,700



Item Cost
Average New Member Fees $303.40
Average Semester Expenses $4,742.20
Average Room & Board $2,343.45


PHC Finances

Chapter One-Time Expenses Average Dues per Semester House Usage Fee (Inter)National Dues Required Meal Plan Meal Plan Cost Room and Board
Alpha Delta Pi $723 $425 $750 N/A Yes $350 $3,300
Alpha Phi $900 $480 $707 $131 Yes $560 $4,000
Chi Omega $465 $485 $700 N/A Yes $725 $3,600
Delta Delta Delta $365 $520 $370 N/A Yes $530 $2,370
Delta Gamma $330 $530 $650 $147 No N/A $3,120
Delta Zeta $491 $435 $600 N/A No N/A $3,750
Kappa Alpha Theta $684 $400 $500 N/A No N/A $3,550
Kappa Delta $156 $617 $525 N/A Yes $500 $3,650
Kappa Kappa Gamma $569 $534 $695 N/A No N/A $5,566
Phi Mu $660 $490 $525 $101 Yes $446 $3,688
Pi Beta Phi $730 $575 $575 $93 Yes $425 $3,300
Zeta Tau Alpha $610 $470 $606 $105 Yes $395 $3,624


Item  Cost
Average New Member Fees $556.92
Average Semester Expenses $1,588.38
Average Room & Board $3,626.50


NPHC financial information is not currently available. Contact with any questions.

Meal Plans

PHC & IFC chapters with on-campus houses offer meals for a fee, typically lunch and dinner, to all members including those who do not live in the on-campus chapter house. In many cases, the cost of a sorority/fraternity meal plan is required for all members regardless of if they already have an LSU Dining meal plan or live off campus.

What if I already have a meal plan?

New members with existing LSU Dining meal plans have the option to reduce their existing plan to the Greek 8 Plan since they can not cancel an LSU Dining meal plan. It is the individual member's responsibility to request to switch their LSU Residential Plan to the Greek 8 Meal Plan.

The plan includes eight Tiger Meals per week, plus $350 paw points for a total cost of $1,438. See important notes on refund and payment.

How to Switch to the Greek 8 Meal Plan:

Step One

Ask your sorority/fraternity new member educator if your new organization has a required meal plan. If the answer is yes, proceed to Step Two.

If the answer is “no, but we have an optional one” talk with your family or support system and decide if you want to purchase the sorority/fraternity plan and request the Greek 8 or just keep your LSU Plan as is.  If you decide to request Greek 8, proceed to Step Two. 


Step Two

Complete the Greek 8 Dining Plan Request Form  by January 30th, 2024 by 11:59 pm. 


Step Three

Ensure you received a confirmation email stating you submitted the form.  If not, complete the form again. 


Step Four

Check your LSU Fee Bill two-weeks following the deadline to ensure your refund* has been posted.


Refunds & Payments*

After choosing the Greek 8 Meal Plan, the monetary difference between their original LSU Dining plan and the Greek 8 will be refunded to their LSU Fee Bill. The new member is responsible for paying for their organization’s meal plan through whichever method the chapter requires. The refund to the fee bill is not automatically applied to the sorority/fraternity meal plan.

The refund may be left on the fee bill and applied to any future LSU charges or the member may request a check be mailed to them via the Bursar’s Office. 

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Standards & Safety

We care deeply about the well-being of our students and our campus community. LSU fraternity and sorority members thrive in an environment where chapters and leadership prioritize member safety and wellbeing, personal development, and campus and community involvement. 

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Fraternity and sorority members are leaders on campus, and chapters excel in collaboration, service, and academics. The LSU Fraternity & Sorority Life team is committed to transparency and continued progress in providing a safe, inclusive and transformative experience for students. 

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