Student Responsibility

Graduate students must assume full responsibility for knowledge of Graduate School policies and departmental requirements concerning their individual degree programs. Advances in knowledge and changes in methodology at times require alterations in degree programs. Therefore, graduate students should be aware of the current regulations and requirements of the Graduate School and of their departments at all times. Current regulations and requirements take precedence over any previously promulgated policies.

Please place special attention to the policy regarding the selection of your advisory committee.  The committee must consist of at least three members of the graduate faculty.  You can find more information in the Graduate Catalog.  You can refer to the Graduate School website for a list of the department's faculty and their membership status.

General Forms

Departmental Graduate Forms

Graduate School Forms

Candidates for Degree should submit the following forms by the semester deadline in which you plan to graduate.  It is the responsibility of the student to schedule the final defense with sufficient lead time to meet the Graduate School deadlines for graduation in a given semester.  Please note that all final defense requests must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the date of the defense and by the semester deadline.

There are two ways to submit forms to the Graduate School:

  • You may complete them online and submit them directly to, copying
  • You may obtain committee signatures and submit the form to the graduate secretary.  She will obtain the Department Chair/Graduate Advisor signature and submit form to the Graduate School.  She will also maintain a copy for your file.

Questions about forms may be directed to the Graduate School Academic Services office at (225) 578-2311.

All other important forms can be found at the Graduate School's Enrolled Student Forms page: 

  • Petition for Scholastic Reinstatement after Academic Dismissal
  • Request for Change of Department
  • Request for Change of Degree Program
  • Request for Dual Degree
  • Request for Pass/Fail
  • Change of Defense Date
  • Request to Change Degree Title or to Delete Application for Degree
  • Residency Classification Appeal
  • Application for Doctoral Degree Update
  • Verification of Concentration
  • Petition to Extend the 7-Year Time Limit for the Doctorate
  • The Survey of Earned Doctorates (Required of all doctoral students prior to document approval)