Centers & Institutes

Consortium for Innovation in Manufacturing and Materials (CIMM)

Wenjin Meng, Technical Director

Founding Members: Shengmin Guo, Guoqiang Li, Phillip Sprunger

Michael M. Khonsari, La EPSCoR Director

Recently (Aug. 2015) funded by NSF-EPSCoR through a Cooperative Agreement CIMM research focuses on manufacturing using metallic materials. Its two-prong emphasis is on multi-scale metal forming and additive manufacturing (3D printing) incorporating an Integrated Computational Materials Engineering approach. CIMM includes a Central User Facility (CIMM-CUF) as a manifold of State-wide experimental resources to support manufacturing research. CIMM also has a substantial educational component aiming at early preparation of the future workforce to support advanced manufacturing enterprises.

Center for Rotating Machinery (CEROM)

Michael M. Khonsari, Director

CeRoM focuses on tribology, ware, fatigue and lifetime prediction of materials and machinery components, with emphasis on rotating machinery. It provides R&D services to industries in these areas and has a broad portfolio of industrial support and funding to this end. Visit for more information.

Turbine Innovation and Energy Research Center (TIER)

Shengmin Guo, Director

Members: Ingmar Schoegl, Dimitris E. Nikitopoulos (Founding Member), Shyam Menon, Sumanta Acharya (founding director now at the Univ. of Memphis), Guoxiang Gu.

Since it was founded in 2001, the TIER Center has engaged in fundamental research, as well as R&D, related to gas-turbine technologies both for propulsion and energy generation applications with emphasis on clean energy technologies. In collaboration with other Louisiana Universities, its members co-founded the Clean Power and Energy Research Consortium (CPERC), which was active for over a decade since its establishment in 2002. Research areas of the Center include turbine blade heat transfer and cooling technologies, active control of film cooling flows, gas-turbine aerodynamics and combustion, alternative fuels for power production, combustion technologies, advanced thermal barrier coating development and the synthesis of associated materials, and materials synthesis for fuel cell applications. Most recently the Center has expanded its interests to additive manufacturing as related energy-applications.

Center for Biomodular Multiscale Systems (CBM2)

Sunggook Park, Director

Members: Michael C. Murphy (Founding Co-Director), Dorel Moldovan, Dimitris E. Nikitopoulos, Daniel Park, Robin McCarley, Steven A. Soper (Founding Director, Now at UNC)

Since it was launched in 2004 CBM2 has conducted pioneering research and development on the design and fabrication of functional, high-performancebioanalytical tools and devices based on micro- and nano-fluidic platforms. The Center researchers achieved this through the development and use of replication-based, micro- and nano- fabrication technologies. The Center pioneered polymer-based, micro-thermo-fluidics and devices including titer-plate-format, high-throughput micro-thermo-fluidics and modular micro-thermo-fluidic assemblies. Recent pursuits of the center include single-molecule detection platforms. CBM2 is a key partner in a recently funded (Fall 2015) National Institutes of Health Resource Center (P41).