Program Admission Requirements

Program Admission Requirements


LSU Integrative Community Studies Program require candidates for admission to meet the following criteria:

Age/Disability Status/Education Requirements

  • Must be between 18 and 25 years old
  • Have a documented diagnosis of intellectual disability
  • Completed a minimum of four years of high school
  • Earned a certificate of completion or equivalent for an accredited high school
  • Mastery of foundational academic skills such as counting, computation, reading, writing, and typing

Personal Characteristics and Skills

  • Desire and motivation to participate in the program and complete the requirements
  • Can utilize technology (cell phone, tablet, computer etc.)
  • Can perform self-care tasks (administering medication, personal hygiene, appropriate dress, etc.)
  • Exhibits behaviors appropriate for a college setting
  • Able to communicate with others and express needs
  • Have parental support in becoming independent
  • Flexible with changes in routine
  • Understand procedures for emergency situations
  • Has the ability to independently use transportation services and navigate while on campus
  • Understands the use of crosswalks, sidewalks, and how to move around campus safely
  • Is able to participate in a personal interview

How to Apply

  • Download and fill out the Application Checklist below. Save the completed checklist and upload this form in the application.
  • Fill out the application using the Application & Document Upload below.

Application Checklist

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